Zenless Zone Zero Release Date & Details

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Zenless Zone Zero is of great interest to many people, given the developers involved. But when is the Zenless Zone Zero release date?

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What do we know about the game? We take a look.

Zenless Zone Zero Release Date

It’s unclear when Zenless Zone Zero is actually going to release in a final form. The game has recently had a beta on August 5th in what they called the ‘Tuning Test’, but an actual release for the game could be a while away given the nature of these things.

What is Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero Release Date
Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero is, as the website describes it:

This is a dangerous world under constant thread from the mysterious calamities known as the ‘Hollows’ where the old civilization has been destroyed and world order lays in ruins. Fortunately, one city is still capable of dealing with the calamities: New Eridu. A diverse group of people, each with their various reasons and beliefs gather here to challenge the hollows. And you, are their indispensable accomplice who guides them out of the Hollows, their ‘proxy’.

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The game is developed and published by HoyoVerse, the same people who work on Genshin Impact, so you can probably guess what to expect from the game.

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