You’ll soon be able to slide into other Sims’ DMs in Sims 4

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A brand new expansion called High School Years is arriving to the Sims 4 later this month – and it’s bringing a few pretty significant features.

In a recent High School Years livestream it was revealed smartphones will be getting an overhaul in the game, as reported by Sims Community.

The smart phone will now have an app based layour and look more like a real phone – but the real star of the show is Social Bunny, a new interactive app where you can upload images, messages and even slide into other Sims’ DMs.

Other Sims will also be able to respond depending on what you post on the app.

There’s also a new Thrift store called Trendi – a fashion marketplace where you can style your Sim and purchase new outfits.

Sims 4 High School Years launches July 28

Ahead of the expansion, which is set to launch on July 28, there is also a free Sims 4 July update launching this Friday that updates Sim behaviour around sexual orientation.

The update will include three new details you can fill in using create-a-sim mode, and we have the details here for you. The update means:

  • This Sim is romantically attracted to… – with ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ as checkbox options. You can select one of the options, both or none.
  • This Sim is exploring romantically – with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ as radio options.
  • This Sim is interested in Mess Around with… – with ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ as checkbox options. You can select one of the options, both or none.

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