Yakuza 8 Release Date Predictions & What We Know

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The Yakuza series is insanely popular amongst fans of Japanese sandbox games, and Yakuza 8 is highly-anticipated.

Until recently, we didn’t have much concrete information about the game.

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Luckily for fans of the IP, Yakuza 8 was confirmed and revealed on Twitter thanks to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

So, when do we think we’re likely actually to see the game on store shelves?

Yakuza 8 Release Date Predictions

The screenshot was accompanied by text that roughly said: “Wow! It’s Real After All!”

While this tweet is the first that we’ve seen of Yakuza 8, there’s at least a decent chunk of available information for us to make some educated about a Yakuza 8 release date.

Firstly, we can be almost sure that the game is out of the earliest development stages. In the tweet, we saw some pretty-fully-formed graphics on display. While games can feature polished graphics early in development, it’s not very likely.

There’s a good chance that the game is at least on its way to going gold in the next year or two. With that in mind, we predict Yakuza 8 will drop sometime in 2023.

We also need to take into account when these games typically come out. Most games in the series have released between December and March in Japan, making a Winter 2023 release date most likely.

There’s also a chance that it could come out in 2024, especially in the west. Historically, the series has released nearly a year later in the west than the Japanese version.

Yakuza 8 Game Details

yakuza 8 tweet
Some fans on Twitter seemed disappointed that the game wouldn’t return the focus to Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima, two fan-favorite characters from the series.

Since we only have a few stitches of video to work from, there’s not much we can say for certain about Yakuza 8. We know that Ichiban Kasuga, the last game’s protagonist, features in this game, though he has tied his hair back this time.

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We also know that MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura will feature in the game because it was him who recorded the video we saw in the first place. All of these seem to indicate that we’ll continue the storyline of “Like a Dragon” rather than the original Yakuza storyline.

You can check out the video he posted for yourself if you want more details.

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