Woodworking news — July 26, 2022

Woodpeckers announces convenient cabinetmaking companion

Strongsville, Ohio – July 19, 2022: Woodpeckers newest OneTIME Tool, the Joiner’s Saddle Square, is the perfect companion for your joinery projects. Two CNC-machined aluminum plates are joined at a right angle. This “wrap-around” design gives you two valuable features. On one end you can mark both the face and edge of a board around the corner. On the other you can continue the short side of a 45° miter around the corner just as precisely. But we didn’t stop there. We machined scribing guides into both sides and included 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° reference guides.

The Joiner’s Saddle Square is built to order only. The deadline to order is August 8, 2022. Delivery is estimated for December 2022.

Stair gauges: Another new set from Woodpeckers

Strongsville, Ohio – July 26, 2022: Introducing Woodpeckers Stair Gauge Set. Stair Gauges are nothing new. Carpenters have been using them on framing squares for over a hundred years. What’s new is using them on tools other than framing squares. Repetitive angle marking is as simple as clamping a stair gauge on at the desired angle. Whether you’re marking miter cuts, rafters, stair stringers, or any other angled layout, your speed, accuracy and consistency just took a giant leap forward. Of course, there’s also the standard use for them with a framing square … laying out the rise and run on stair stringers. But you can also make your framing square easier and faster to use by clamping a pair of Stair Gauges to one leg and butting them to the edge of your material.

Whether you’ve had your DelVe square or SkillSquare for years or are ordering one today, you’ll get faster, more accurate results when you add a set of Stair Gauges to your order. Delivery is scheduled for November 2022.

New tool alert: Card scrapers and scraper burnisher

Strongsville, Ohio – July 19, 2022: Blue Spruce Card Scrapers have a thicker blade that won’t flex. Getting a flat, smooth surface requires less technique, less grip strength, and less re-sharpening. Surfaces you’re trying to scrape flat will be flat, not a series of scallops. The ends of the blade blend off into a gentle curve. There are no sharp corners to gouge your project…or your hands.

Blue Spruce Card Scrapers come in three shapes; 4-in. straight, 6-in. straight, and 6-in. curved. The curved scraper has a 16-in. radius to blend and smooth your sculptured projects. Each is available individually, or you can buy them as a set.

Sell your machines for free with World4Machines

A new feature has rolled out on Felder Group’s used machine website: World4Machines.com, that allows login users to upload their used machine(s) on to the site. In previous years customers would have to contact Felder to make an advertisement placement on their used machinery site with a payment of 10% of the final purchase. Now, with the new update, sellers keep 100% of the final purchase and are not limited to selling only Felder Group Machinery. The process is fast, easy and gives you full control to add pictures, text, and contact info for buyers to get in touch with you.

Highlights include the ability to reach the right target group in a marketplace with thousands of potential buyers, data security for buyers and sellers, quality assurance through expert review on all offers, and no limitations or fees.

48-in. K-Body Parallel Clamp from Harbor Freight

Harbor freight clamps

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