When Is Sonic Coming To Fall Guys?

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Dataminers have found the Sonic stage hidden away inside Fall Guys, and now we’re left wondering. When is Sonic coming to Fall Guys?

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We take a look at all of this and more, working out what items are in the game and looking at the leaked gameplay footage from the title itself.

Sonic In Fall Guys?!

A full stage has leaked for Fall Guys from a known leaker, Pancake. The gameplay shows what looks almost identical to Green Hill Zone, but it has a different and slightly ingenious title: Bean Hill Zone.

Within the stage itself you can find loops, springs, checkpoints, sunflowers, palm trees, and basically every single Sonic reference you’ve ever wanted to see in the game.

We also know what all the items in the update will be, and you can find them below:

When Is The Content Releasing?

When Is Sonic Coming To Fall Guys?

As of right now, all we have is the official announcement from SEGA’s June Sonic Central that he will be coming to Fall Guys, but we don’t have an actual date on the content itself.

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It’ll likely be within the year, given how the schedule is worked but we’ll have to see. We do know that it won’t just be a stage within the game itself, but it’s also unknown how long the stage will be around or if it’ll be a limited-time thing, rather than a permanent addition to the game itself.

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