Weird West Characters Guide: Playable and persistent characters

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Weird West is one of those games that is calling itself an immersive sim, largely down to the game’s persistent world that lives and breathes. As you play the game, you will find some towns are taken over by bandits, while Weird West’s bountiful amount of characters can die, including the main story characters. Meanwhile, there are at least five playable Weird West characters, all of which signify a new arc in the game’s storyline.

Weird West playable characters

Alice Bell is the Bounty Hunter, the first playable character.

There are five playable Weird West characters you can play. These are:

  1. The Bounty Hunter –  A European settler who became a gun-slinging bounty hunter.
  2. Pigman – tanky melee-focused pigman who most humans hate.
  3. Protector – Native American character with an emphasis on bow and arrows, nature and harmony.
  4. Werewolf – Werewolf character with werewolf themed skills and a human form.
  5. Onerist – a type of magical priest.

The order of the characters is in fact the the order you play them in the game, Not to mention each playable character has different story arcs and features. For example, the Bounty Hunter is a respected character and has different skills. Meanwhile, the Pigman is hated by the human population in the game’s world, so, you’re more than likely going to have to sneak around and be wearier of your everyday movement. 

As mentioned, each character has different skill sets, meaning every playstyle is going to be slightly different per arc. It means you’re going to need to find those Nimp Relics and make sure you get to mess around with the skills that are on offer for your playable character. However, the Golden Ace of Spades and bank storage are consistent across all characters.

At the end of a story act, the game is going to give you a new playable character. However, Your former character doesn’t disappear from the game. Instead, you can find your character in a location that is key to their story. We won’t mention anything here, but if you invested time, money, nuggets, and relics into making a strong Posse. In fact, we highly recommend recruiting former characters to your posse as a great Weird West tip.

Weird West Character functions

Weird West features a persistent world, filled with population changes and more. So, if you find that a Sheriff of a town dies, you can no longer get money for handing in bounties. Meanwhile, if you notice the population of a town is made smaller, then there will be naturally less NPCs, along with missing features of the town.

As for individual characters themselves, all characters in the game a few are prone to death. It means that some main story characters can die, along with your previously played characters, if you recruit them. Also, if a main story character who doesn’t have damage immunity dies, it will no longer impact the story, making the game much more interesting or chaotic, depending on your perspective.
This concludes the Weird West Characters guide. For more Weird West content, check out the WW hub on the website!

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