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Skull And Bones is finally coming after around about five years since it was first announced. But what’s the Skull And Bones release date? Where can you get a Skull And Bones pre order?

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What platforms will the game be going to? Are there any bonuses to pre ordering the game? We’re here to tell you everything we know about the title, and where you landlubbers can find it, yo ho ho.

Skull And Bones Release Date

Skull And Bones Gameplay Trailer

Ubisoft has finally officially confirmed the launch date for Skull And Bones during a gameplay live stream.

The game will be launching on November 8th. What makes Skull And Bones unique compared to Ubisoft’s previous attempt at piracy in Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag is that you can’t go off your boat in the game.

That’s right, you’re completely unable to even get off your boat in the game, unlike rivals such as Sea Of Thieves which allow you to hunt for treasure on land with your friends. Unlike that game though, you can play this game across multiple platforms and extremely soon, assuming you get a Skull And Bones pre order that is.

Skull And Bones Platforms

Skull And Bones Combat

Gamers will be pleased to learn that Skull And Bones is basically launching across every single platform.

The game will be launching on:

  • Amazon Luna
  • Google Stadia
  • PlayStation 5
  • Windows PC (Epic Games Store Exclusive)
  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox Series S

It’s unclear whether or not the game will feature cross-play, but it’s fairly likely considering basically the entire game has been designed with online PvE and PvP in mind.

While you can play the entire game solo, Ubisoft wants you to fight in pirate dens, meet on the high seas, and help each other become the best pirates you possibly can. That brings us only to our next point, where can you get a Skull And Bones pre order?

Skull And Bones Pre Orders & Editions

Skull And Bones Lookout
Skull And Bones Lookout

There’s a couple of different editions for Skull And Bones, your standard edition and your premium edition.

The standard edition for Skull And Bones comes basically with what you would expect, just the base game. It’s the premium edition where things get really interesting.

The premium edition for Skull And Bones will come with the base game itself, a premium bonus pack that has The Ballad Of Bloody Bones included, two additional missions and a digital artbook/soundtrack.

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You can also subscribe to Ubisoft + and you’ll get instant access to not only the entire back catalog of Ubisoft games, but also the Skull And Bones premium edition when it unlocks on November 8th, 2022.

Pre Orders for Skull And Bones are available at the following places:

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