*UPDATED* MultiVersus: Season One Release Date And Details

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It’s that time of the MultiVersus roadmap: the release date of Season 1 and further details!

MultiVersus has been available to play since July 19, 2022 when it launched on Early Access.

Source: Warner Bros, 2022

Since then, the game has seen it’s open beta phase window open which was launched on July 26, 202p2.

There is currently 15 free tiers and 15 premium tiers which indicates that this is not a full battle-pass yet.

This could be due to the fact that the open beta will be treated as a preseason phase.

It’s expected that Warner Bros / Player First are using this phase to make tweaks, nerfs and buffs to prepare for Season 1.

When the full season launches, it’s expected that the game will launch a full-sized battle pass to participate in

Here’s your need-to-know information the highly-anticipated Season 1 of MultiVersus following a successful open beta launch!

When is MultiVersus Season 1 release date?

Source: Wccftech, 2022

It’s expected that season one of MultiVersus will commence on August 9, 2022.

Here are the expected start time for Season 1:

  • 5PM (PST)
  • 8PM (EST)
  • 1 AM (BST) (August 10)
  • 2AM (CEST) (August 10)

United States will look to get Season 1 in the afternoon into the early evening.

Unfortunately, this means Europe will get a post-midnight launch so you may have to stay up for it!

What’s expected for Season 1?

Once Season 1 has officially launched, it’s expected that the battle pass will be a lengthy 50 tiers to enjoy from.

New content will be expected from the developers, this will most likely come in the form a Season 1 Day 1 update, so be on the look out for that!

Having a short battle-pass will allow the developers to see how function the current system without the need to put pressures on players to finish it, they’d rather practice the players first!

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New characters for MultiVersus Season 1?

Following LeBron James’ entrance to MultiVersus on July 26, 2022, that was not the end of all the upcoming characters!

At SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) alongside LeBron James confirmed was also Rick and Morty!

It’s expected that Rick and Morty will see their debut when the season begins potentially on August 9, 2022.

The excitement from a possible DLC from the developers is nothing but just a dream currently.

There are no plans to release a DLC currently, however it’s assumed that it’s planned that developers are currently working on the roster expansion.

What is the community expecting?

Taking to Reddit, the MultiVersus community have made great predictions of characters who could see their debut onto the arena fighter in the upcoming months.

With the likes of Aquaman, Scooby-Doo, Dexter, Daenerys Targaryen, The Mask and even Michael Jordan!

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There is no definite answer of more characters outside of Rick and Morty, however, it’s excited to see the possibility of a plethora of characters to be added into the mix.

Is MultiVersus Currently Available To Play?

Source: Mary Sue, 2022

Yes! Fortunately, MultiVersus is currently available to play now.

Developers are planning to keep the game running in open-beta phase until August 9, 2022.

However, we could expect to see maintenance on the game around August 7, 2022 or August 8, 2022.

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Which platforms is MultiVersus currently on?

MultiVersus is currently available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

Is MultiVersus expected to release on Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, as of right now there is no expected release date for a Nintendo Switch port release.

It’s not expected that it will appear on the Switch for the games’ official launch!

Keep checking back to this page when Warner Bros confirms the release times for the launch of Season 1 on August 9, 2022!

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