*UPDATED* Google Pixel Watch release date prediction, pre order & possible price

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The Google Pixel watch will be arriving very soon, accompanying the new Pixel 7 tablet and phone.

It was announced during a keynote at Google I/O back in May and looks to compete with the current smartwatch crowd, mostly dominated by Apple and Samsung.

From what we’ve learned from I/O 2022 combined with other leaks, and speculations, the Google Pixel Watch looks like it’s going to be a strong contender too.

Google Pixel Watch FAQs

Here’s where we are going to provide you quicker, more easily digestible answers to the most common questions we’ve found surrounding the upcoming Google Pixel Watch.

Is google making a pixel watch?

Yes, they’ve now officially announced one, and are slowly drip-feeding the media specs, release times, and other info. More about this can be found throughout this article.

How much will the new Pixel Watch cost?

Around $300-$400. This makes sense as it marginally undercuts the competition Apple Watch Series 8. More detail can be found in the ‘price’ section of this article.

Google Pixel Watch release date predictions

Google intends to launch the Pixel Watch in tandem with the upcoming Pixel 7 phone. This will then form an ecosystem with their tablets.

This will then go toe-to-toe with Apple and Samsung in a pitched battle of the mobile tech ecosystems, how exciting.

Anyway, We have no confirmed release date for the Pixel 7, and therefore no date for the Google Pixel Watch either.

Pixel Phones usually launch in the Autumn/Fall months and looking back at previous Pixel releases, we can make a reasonably safe assumption that the Google Pixel Watch is likely to be released between September and October of 2022.

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Google Pixel Watch Pre order

You cannot currently pre-order the Google Pixel Watch, however, previous Pixel phones were available to pre-order around the end of September/beginning of October in their respective release years.

We see no reason why google would break from this rhythm, so we expect you to be able to get your Google Pixel Watch Pre-order in around the end of August.

In the meantime, you can sign up for email updates via the official Google Store website, this way, you’ll probably know sooner than we do.

Google Pixel Watch potential price

Of course, Google hasn’t yet officially revealed the Google Pixel Watch price, but according to Yogesh Brar, It is likely to retail for somewhere between $300-$400.

This puts it right between more budget offerings like the Fitbit, and the premium options like the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8.

We’ll keep this page updated regarding the price, but for now, the Google Pixel Watch price does look to slightly undercut the Apple Watch.

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Google Pixel Watch expected specs

There are a lot of different options on the specs, however, given the competition that the Pixel Watch will be up against, it better come out swinging.

While previous rumors stated that the Pixel Watch would be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100, current expectations have shifted.

It’s now thought to contain a Samsung Exynos chipset, which is ironic considering that Samsung is one of its primary competitors.

Other potential specs include a 300mAh Battery, 2GB RAM, and 32GB of internal storage, which would certainly make it pretty competitive.

Google Pixel Watch battery life

Unfortunately, from what we’ve heard, it doesn’t look too spicy, but then again, smartwatches don’t tend to have extensive battery lives regardless of which brand you go for.

According to one of 9to5google’s sources, the Google Pixel Watch battery life is expected to last a day at the most. This is due to the 300MaH battery.

This sounds bad, and it’s certainly annoying if you forget to charge it, but given that most of us don’t sleep with watches on, and they normally charge via contactless charging pads, it’s still going to last long enough.

However, we’d still prefer a larger battery, but when the name of the game is comfort and lightness, adding a massive battery might have some knock-on consequences that would be unideal.

Google Pixel Watch design

Thanks to a crafty user on Reddit (u/tagtech414/), we’ve also got what look to be genuine photos of the Google Pixel Watch. Of course, we’ve already seen imagery from Google I/O 2022, but seeing the watch in situ is always preferable.