*UPDATED* Beats Studio 4 release date prediction, price, specs

Beats Studio 4 might be landing sooner than you think…

Beats Studio 4 headphones are almost certainly on the way, since acquiring the Beats company in 2014, Apple has kept the Beats line of products alive as a lower-cost, more accessible alternative to the AirPods range of products.

So, when can we expect the Beats Studio 4 release date? And what features, specs, and price point are we talking about for the new Beats headphones? Let’s take a closer look.

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Beats Studio 4 release date prediction

It’s been almost 5 years since we saw the release of the previous Beats Studio headphones, however, Apple has been busy with the Airpods Max and newer AirPods.

This makes sense as Apple wouldn’t want to cannibalize their own sales by offering more affordable products alongside premium ones.

Currently, we are looking at a Beats Studio 4 release date somewhere around fall 2022. This would make sense as it’s within the window for Apple’s usual announcements, releases, and pre orders.

Beats Studio 4 price

The current iteration Beats Studio 3’s currently retail for around $250. This is around half of the cost of the AirPods Max, which makes sense as it allows Apple to make money from 2 very different price brackets.

From what we’ve heard, the Airpods Max 2 is going to be priced a little higher than the current generation, so it stands to reason that the same price spacing will be applied to the Beats Studio 4 headphones.

This means that we can expect a Beats Studio 4 price of around $280, with reasonable certainty. This could change of course, and Apple could adjust the price further to help it fit with the rest of their audio products.

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Beats Studio 4 specs

From what we’re hearing, the Beats Studio 4 design could be a stark departure from the current designs.

A while ago, Apple reportedly scrapped their production of AirPods Max Sport in order to start the development of the AirPods Max 2.

However, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to leave a partially finished design on the table, and from what we heard, it was going to be a markedly different design from the mainline AirPods Max.

This means the AirPods Max Sport might have its design repurposed and modified for the Beats Studio 4.

We’ve also seen talk of the Beats Studio 4 having a similar ‘digital crown’ to the AirPods Max, however, we are doubtful as we think Apple will want to keep their two flagship headphone lines visually distinct.

Additionally, this wouldn’t tally up with the aforementioned re-utilization of the now-canceled AirPods Max Sport. Either way, we are looking forward to the arrival of the Beats Studio 4 release date confirmation and will keep you updated as and when we know more.

We’ve also now heard that the Beats Studio 4 will have its charging capabilities upgraded to 2022 standards, this hopefully means an increase in both charging speed and battery life.

This probably means the implementation of USB Type-C charging, in addition to Qi wireless charging, which are both features that the Studio 3’s lack.

We could also see a chip upgrade for the new beats. They currently house the Apple H1 chip. This is identical to the incumbent AirPods Max.

However, given the lengths to which apple will go to stay competitive, we think we’ll see a new H2 chip, which could help with everything from Siri responsiveness, ANC efficacy, and more

In terms of battery life, the Studio 3 headphones currently have around 40 hours of runtime, dropping down to 22 hours with ANC switched on.

Given the competition, we’re hoping the beats Studio 4 battery life gets an upgrade, with the current tech these days, expecting an increase of 10 hours over the Studio 3, both for ANC on and off, isn’t unreasonable.

Beats Studio 4 spatial audio

We’ve also heard that the Beats Studio 4 will be receiving a spatial audio upgrade. This will create a sensation similar to surround sound, albeit it virtually.

This is a good change to make actually, as it will make the Beats Studio 4 headphones way better for gaming, as being able to accurately discern where sounds are coming from in games is crucial.

Additionally, it will make viewing movies far more enjoyable. If you travel frequently, you’ll be aware of just how much additional enjoyment you can get from in-flight movies with a pair of spatial audio headphones.

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Will there be Beats Studio 4?

We feel confident that there will be Beats Studio 4 coming as they’ve sold very well over the years, with Beats headphones boasting a 15.3% market share in the US.

We see no reason why Apple wouldn’t want to continue this success, so we are fully confident that they will continue to produce Beats headphones, earbuds, and more.

Are Beats Studio 3 discontinued?

No, not yet, at least. When the Beats Studio 4’s finally hit the market, the Studio 3’s will be superseded, and probably stop production shortly thereafter.

However, if you aren’t concerned with getting the latest and greatest, the Studio 3s will probably get a decent price cut when the new ones come out so Apple can clear out the old stock. This makes for a good opportunity to get a new set of great headphones for way less than the asking price.

Does Apple still own Beats?

Yes! After acquiring Beats in 2014 for the dizzying sum of $3b, Apple has continued to keep hold of the Dre-created audio cash cow. This makes sense as beats are instantly recognizable and pretty fashionable, which are both hallmarks of Apple’s core consumer appeal.

Are Beats worth it in 2022?

Yes, however, it strongly depends on which headphones/earbuds you’re talking about. The Beats Studio headphones are very much worth it as a lower-cost alternative to the Airpods Max. Unfortunately, their range of TWS earbuds has received less than favorable reviews from certain outlets.

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