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There is still some time to go before we know the Apple Watch Series 8 release date for sure, however, some details about the Apple Watch Series 8 specs are slowly coming out of the woodwork. Let’s see what we have to look forward to with the New Apple Watch 8.

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Apple Watch Series 8 potential release date

As with Apple’s iPhones, they tend to experience a new release, or at the very least, a product refresh every year around the beginning of Fall.

Looking at previous Apple Watch release dates, we can draw a pattern as the Apple Watch Series 6 was released on September 18 of 2020, and the Series 7 came to market on October 15, 2021.

From this, it seems like the Apple Watch Series 8 release date will be around late September to mid-October. However, if we look at the previous years, it could be more like September 13, as this has been the usual announcement date for other Apple Watches.

Additionally, you can typically place your order exactly 10 days after the announcement. This means you might be able to buy an Apple Watch Series 8 in September 23.

Of course, in classic Apple fashion, They are yet to confirm or deny anything, but we’ll slap a big update onto this page as soon as we hear anything.

Apple Watch Series 8 design

The flattened out more angular iPhone 13 and iPad pro designs were very popular with consumers, so we suspect that Apple might continue this design over to the new Apple Watch.

This rumor is further bolstered by reports from well-respected Apple expert ShrimpApplePro that Apple is producing small, square, flat displays that seem destined only for the Apple Watch Series 8.

Credit to Jon Prosser for the concept artwork

The concept art above, made by Jon Prosser has given us an idea of what a flattened-out Apple Watch could look like.

We think this is the right way to go, as it gives the new watch a more contemporary look and matches it with the current generation of iPhones.

Apple Watch Series 8 rugged edition

There are also reports that Apple is designed a new, harder-wearing version of the Apple Watch 8. This is said to include a larger display, a more robust strap, and a metal casing that’s stronger than the current aluminum case.

This could help Apple compete against tougher watches like the venerated Casio G-Shock. This would be a good idea as it’s an area of the market Apple currently holds no sway over.

We’ve also heard rumblings that the Apple Watch Series 8 Rugged edition will feature a dedicated water sensor. This will supposedly use some kind of membrane to detect the presence of water.

This could have multiple benefits that we’d really like to see. For example, it could change the capacitive thresholds for touchscreen sensitivity, allowing for continued use even when the screen is Anyone who’s tried to use their phone with wet hands will know how nice this feature would be.

Another use for a water sensor is to alert the wearer if the amount of water inside the device, for example in the speakers, reaches dangerous levels. It could then prompt the wearer to dry it off.

Apple Watch Series 8 potential specs

From what we can gather, the main chip used in the Apple Watch 8 will be the same as what was used in the Series 6 & 7.

This might sound disappointing, but it means that the upgrades will go elsewhere, for example, a more comprehensive feature list.

Apple Watch Series 8 health features

Notorious Apple insider, Ming-Chi Kuo has also said that there’ll be additional health-monitoring capabilities too. Most notably an accurate temperature reader. These can be tricky to get right as skin temperature varies from core temperature.

This means you need some sophisticated programming behind the scenes to get an accurate read. According to Ming-Chi, the feature was canceled in the Apple Watch 7 as it didn’t meet Apple’s standards for accuracy.

So, it’s certainly on the to-do list, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Sleep Apnea detection

Additionally, there are rumbling of a sleep apnea detection feature. This will use the Blood Oxygen monitor to detect a pause in breathing, and therefore blood oxygenation drop, potentially alerting the wearer.

However, there are some concerns over the frequency of updates adversely affecting battery life. So it remains to be seen if Apple can optimize this feature to a point where it doesn’t eat the battery 2 hours into the night.

Car crash detection

The Apple Watch has contained an accelerometer since the first generation. This has mostly been used for health features, for example, the in-built pedometer.

However, MacRumors has said that the accelerometer might be used to measure sudden increases in the G-force to detect car crashes, this will then automatically call emergency services.

This will use similar movement detection algorithms to the fall-detection feature that’s been around since Apple Watch Series 4.

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