*UPDATED* AMD RDNA 3 – release date, price, and specifications

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PC components have relatively short life cycles and we’re nearly two years since the current graphics cards were released. So we do expect the next-gen to release sometime soon, in particular, we look at AMD RDNA 3 release date, price, and specifications.

Since there is no official news we have corroborated the leaks and rumors surrounding the products. As well as combining what we know from previous releases and applying it to the next.

So for RDNA 3, we expect the next range of RX 7000 series GPUs. Improving upon the RX 6000 series that finally brought Radeon up against Nvidia. We do expect even more improvements and close calls between the two. But with the RTX 4000 series, there is a lot of excitement to expect to see which graphics cards will come out on top.

AMD RDNA 3 release date

Update: From the latest prediction or leak we get a closer idea. With the suggestion that the series will launch in late October to mid-November.