Tuscan added to CSGO Matchmaking in 10th anniversary update

After years in the making, the much-anticipated Tuscan gets added

Yesterday, Valve celebrated CS:GO’s 10th anniversary with stickers, cupcakes, and thankfully – new maps!

Before we go into the 10-Year Birthday Sticker Capsule, the big news on every Counter-Strike fan’s mind is the introduction of Tuscan, a highly popular 1.6 and Source map.

Tuscan, along with a few others, has been added into all game modes on the base game.

As the map is not in the competitive map pool just yet, we have no idea when we may see it included on Faceit servers but fingers crossed for ASAP.

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CSGO Update: Happy Birthday!

So we are getting new maps, stickers, and cupcakes?

Ok, well, the 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule is somewhat of a community effort, containing over  60 community-submitted designs, including an all-new animated ‘Lenticular’ quality.

Also, as Valve stated “It wouldn’t be a birthday without some cake…” basically you get a cupcake topped with a birthday coin, and CS:GO players with Prime status can grab their birthday coin by earning enough XP for their first in-game drop of the week.

New Maps, not just Tuscan

What else is coming you ask? Anubis and Breach return to compettative matchmaking for starters.

We also see the addition of Primetime and Balgai for Wingman too.

Valve stated “Over the past 12 months alone, we’ve seen more players than ever before (averaging over 20 million monthly unique players), record viewership for Majors (2.7m concurrent viewers), and massive community support with over $70 million raised for professional organizations, teams, and players.” and the addition of Tuscan shows the continued dedication to bring the fans what they so desperately need!

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