TRAXSales and Greenboard CRM Announce Mutual Integration

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TRAXSales, a provider of retail traffic counters and sales analytics tools, and Greenboard CRM, a CRM provider for the furniture industry, have announced a mutual integration to help retailers collect vital customer data and information while providing effective means of customer engagement to increase sales.


The new integration combines the specialties of each company to not only gather traffic counts and sales analytics for management, but also collect accurate, actionable customer information in an organized database that provides salespeople and sales managers the ability to account for all customer activity, from prospect to purchase. Using TRAXSales’s Smart People Counter, retailers get an accurate customer count, real-time staffing analysis, and traffic analytics. In addition, their Trax UpBoard allows for seamless sales rotation, conversion analytics, and the ability to capture unsold customer information, a vital aspect of any sales opportunity. This information can be gathered via various touchpoints including walk-ins, phone calls, emails, web forms, live chats or text messages.


Greenboard CRM technology then unifies data from TRAX with additional data from the retailer’s website, POS, and phone system, which allows salespeople to use the database to act upon the prospective buyers’ information to maintain contact with the unsold customer via phone, email or text message in order to drive subsequent visits and ultimately, drive sales. The database can also be used to drive repeat sales via special invitations and promotions. Sales managers will also find the database to be a helpful tool in supervising salesperson activity and continuing customer engagement.


Boasting 50 years in business, Corner Furniture, the largest furniture store in Bronx, New York, implemented the integration in 2021 with much success. Seeking accuracy and organization in their traffic count and other sales analytics, Corner Furniture Sales Manager, Matt Jirak, contacted TRAXSales to help. The resulting integration with Greenboard CRM also made it easier to keep customer information up-to-date and organized, especially for the “low-hanging fruit” customers who have already visited the store but have not yet purchased.


Jirak understands that there is great value in tapping into a database of unsold customers, saying, “A great goal is to make sure that each salesperson is capturing at least 30% of their unsold customers’ phone numbers or email addresses.” He goes on to add, “At first, the staff was a bit reluctant… but after seeing how easy it is to use and how it increases profit, everyone has jumped onboard… I have seen an increase in everything – and 25% is an understatement.”


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About TRAXSales

Founded in 1996, TRAXSales is a leader in retail traffic counters and other sales analytics and management tools designed to track sales opportunities, optimize staffing, and increase profits.


About Greenboard CRM

Founded in 2016, Greenboard CRM provides software development for retail businesses of all sizes and types, specializing in applications such as ERP, CRM, Retail Management Systems, and other areas of customer engagement.


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