Tools to look out for – Summer 2022

High-hp fixed-base router

Bora’s PM-6250 comes with a 3.25-hp, 15-amp motor and a fixed base with two D-handles. A ring on the base controls height adjustment. The motor has a soft start and variable speed from 10,000 rpm to 22,000 rpm. In addition to two collets, a 1⁄4-in. and a 1⁄2-in., the PM-6250 includes two subbases, one for standard bushings and another with a 2.5-in.-dia. opening for larger bits.

Osmo with less white

Osmo with less white

Osmo’s Polyx-Oil Raw Matte 3051 is formulated to give an untreated appearance on lighter woods, like ash, maple, and birch. Compared with Osmo 3041, a neutral hardwax oil, the Raw Matte 3051 has less white pigment. As a result, on open-pore species such as ash and oak, the company says white pigment will not show through on multiple coats. Osmo also says it won’t amber over time.

Splinter removal kit tweezers with lights

Splinter removal kit

Infinity is selling the Sliver Med Pack, developed by MyMedic. To help locate splinters, the MyMedic kit comes with tweezers that have a built-in light pointing toward the tips. Other items help with finding and removing the splinter and sanitizing the area, such as a small magnifying glass, sliver removers, antibiotic cream, a sanitizing towelette, and bandages. There’s also a magnet to help with metal splinters.

Photos: courtesy of vendors

From Fine Woodworking #298

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