The Ultimate Guide to Felting Needles – Felting

Overwhelmed right from the start?  Felting needles are one of the most unusual crafting supplies you will come across, they can’t be used for anything but needle felting, they can break easily, they can make a really decent hole in your finger/hand if you are super unlucky!  They have many grades and types and often the size you use can be personal preference rather than a hard and fast “These are the 3 needles you need!”

So where do you start when you want to get started?  I’d suggest you head over to Star Magnolas page which you can find the link to here.

They have such a great, comprehensive post regarding all things ‘felting needle’ and will clear up any confusion you might have about where to start and what with.  There is also a super cool graphic to help you out at the end of the post!

For my 2 cents I have to say, try a bunch of them out and decide what feels best for you.  I generally just use 2 grades of needle, a coarser and a finer but these days I am working with more merino fibres as well, so because merino is fine you need a needle that is even finer!  I’ve had to add in a much finer one to help finish my merino projects off.  So it is also dependent on what fibre you have access to or prefer using.  I hope that’s helpful! 🙂

Check out Star Magnolas and get yourself confident in your needle choices!

Happy Felting



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