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With MultiVersus’ open beta release looming, players are eager to start using their favourite characters and fight amongst others.

However, those who want to play competitively will want the strongest characters to maximise their potential to win and play closest to the meta.

So if you’re looking forward to playing MultiVersus and a larger emphasis on multiplayer and competitive.

We’ll be dividing the characters into tiers (S, A, B & C).

There is a total of 16 characters confirmed to be expected to appear on the game when it launches with four being available only and the rest in need to be unlocked.

Source: GGRecon, 2022

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So without further ado, here is the tier list for MultiVersus just with Open Beta approaching:

Tier MultiVerse Characters (as of July 2022)
S (Tier 1) Harley Quinn, Tom and Jerry, Finn & Bugs Bunny
A (Tier 2) Arya Stark, Reindog, Superman Taz, Batman & Velma
B (Tier 3) Shaggy, Jake, Steven Universe, Garnet, Wonder Woman & Iron Giant

S-tier (Tier 1)

The best of the best. For players who want to win and win now, these are characters you must pick up:

  • Harley Quinn – An assassin archetype character. Harley is built for landing hard hitting blows and surprise attacks, her debuff can set people on fire and is built for brawling
  • Tom & Jerry – Two for the price of one! The two characters excel in ranged moves and is considered a high-skill character due to the versatility. Tom & Jerry is an excellent character in MultiVersus.
  • Finn The Human – Finn is a character you can always count on. Similar to Harley Quinn, he is an assassin archetype character. However, be careful as he is not the toughest character to endure. His passive can help boost his special attacks can be lethal in crucial moments.
  • Bugs Bunny – Bugs Bunny provides an element of surprise through his kit. Including his special ‘Delive-Rocket’ and being able to avoid enemy attacks with his Bunny Burrow move, he is a great counter-attacker.

A-tier (Tier 2)

These selection of characters are good, however you may find yourself losing if you can’t maximise the characters’ potential.

  • Arya Stark – Arya Stark of Winterfell. A great assassin archetype character that utilises her ‘needle’ which is her sword. She is able to cut through defences and is a very good damage dealer. Being able to steal enemy faces (which stuns), is very a team-friendly ability!
  • Reindog – Though Reindog has slower abilities, it is made up with it being hard-hitting and dealing damage a lot higher than other characters. ‘Love Leash’ is an excellent team-friendly ability, which saves teammates from certain death.
  • Superman – The Man Of Steel is a great character in MultiVersus. With multiple attacks and array of special attacks that can be taken advantage of, Superman is a lethal character to choose from. His passive ability provides flexibility over other characters.
  • Taz – Taz is a sneaky bruiser. He can barrel into enemies and knock them up making the ability very team-friendly to set up for devastating finishes. His passive, which allows him to heal allows his survivability to be one of the highest in the game.
  • Batman – A game including DC cannot forget one of the most known characters in the universe, Batman. Grapples and bombs are great for poking enemies however he may be a little underpowered going into the beta on the 26th.
  • Velma – A support player, she’s great at buffing allies and also does a bit of damage to enemies. ‘Fast Thinker’ is an impactful ability and can even call cops to clear enemies! A great all-around support character to set up her teammates.

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B-tier (Tier 3)

The rest of the roster, these characters are good, however need mastery to perfect. It could take quite sometime to utilise these.

  • Shaggy – A very hard character to master! Though the character is versatile, it may take some time to get him down in comparison to other characters.
  • Jake The Dog – A bruiser who just doesn’t deal enough damage currently. Though, it’s special attack which eats enemies and weakens them is an interesting ability which could be proven impactful once the game releases.
  • Steven Universe – A decent support character, the ability to provide shields and bubbles is a team-friendly ability which could be useful in certain setups.
  • Garnet – Garnet is great however at times shows how weak the character can be. A great damage dealer but a very weak defender.
  • Wonder Woman – A not very flashy character, though ‘Lasso of Truth’ is an effective ability, her others, ‘Warrior’s Change’ and ‘Defense of the Gods Special’ are not. Too inconsistent.
  • Iron Giant – sluggish, his size is a big deterrent to his gameplay. A decent damage dealer but incredibly slow abilities and while he can damage multiple enemies at one time, his size is also very easy to target.

This tier list can somewhat mould the shape of your experience when getting ahold of MultiVersus on July 26, 2022.

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Though this tier list exists, the perfect setup doesn’t! Enjoy MultiVersus how you want to and get fighting!

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