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Are you enjoying a lovely warm Summer or just some great warm days right now?  While I’m in the southern hemisphere and pretty much just enjoying rain, I’m mindful that many of you are enjoying much more temperate weather! 🙂

Which made me think about making things on a warm sunny day, outside with the kids!  So I did a bit of a hunt and came up with 3 neat tutorials to help you out making something the kids will enjoy and cherish for a long time afterward as well

The above picture is from my first link, this is from Felt Magnet, they have a great blog post with a full step by step for you where they made these gorgeous floral pictures with their kiddos!  So you can find the link to that here.

That’s a really great project and write up, but if you are more of a video person I also found this great video which pretty much uses the same techniques as the folks at Felt Magnet but you can work along or watch it all first before you work along with the blog post!  What ever works best for you!


And my last suggestion is this very fun idea from MeriCherry where they had the children make self portraits with their fibre!  So you could use the same techniques from the video or previous post but create a portrait instead!

Check out the gorgeous work these kids did!

Have you ever tried wet felting?  It's an awesome process art activity for kids!


You can find the link to that post here!

I hope you found some inspiration for your next sunny day, or perhaps you have a space inside where you could do these on a not so sunny day!

Making memories with your kids is priceless!

Happy felting!


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