Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin DLC Announced, Also A Rick-Roll

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Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a weird beast of a game. When it was first revealed people were baffled by it, playing the demo and just not understanding the appeal. Then the game released and people found out that the game was actually alright. Now they’ve announced new DLC for the game under extremely weird circumstances.

What Is The Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin DLC?

“TRIALS OF THE DRAGON KING, the first round of content included in the season pass will include new jobs, weapons, accessories and category of equipment to blast your way through all the new areas, stories and challenges that await for you to find your perfect gameplay style.”

The weird thing is: Yeah, sure. Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is getting DLC which is a pretty big deal for people who’ve played and enjoyed the base game. But if you go over to the official website for the game then click on the trailer on that page, you’ll be treated to the face of Rick Astley. That’s right, somebody at Square Enix has decided to rickroll their users by playing Never Gonna Give You Up in lieu of the Trials Of The Dragon King trailer.

What Is The Game?

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an action-RPG game that differs from traditional Final Fantasy games in some extreme games. It’s a lot more like a Souls game than a traditional Final Fantasy game, and reflects that in some of the difficulty options. The game is set before the beginning of the first Final Fantasy game ever, giving more backstory to an utterly classic piece of gaming history and deepening the players link to that world.

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