Space Crafts for Kids – Lesson Plans

If you’ve been looking at the amazing pictures from the James Webb Space Telescope with your kids, it might be a good time to do some learning activities related to space.

There are so many great projects out there but here are a few to get you started.

Views from a Step Stool has a cute galaxy sensory bag that’s a great mess free way for babies and toddlers to get in on the space-related fun. Or if you have a laminator you can make a solar system I-spy bag like this one from Research Parent.

This galaxy snow globe DIY from Figment Creative Labs would be great to make with older kids (it’s basically a calm down jar/lava lamp, which kids of all ages need!) Or make galaxy jars with this tutorial from Mom Dot.

And of course we need some galaxy play dough! This recipe is from The Imagination Tree. (Warning from personal experience, black food coloring is MESSY.)

These marbled planets from Everyday Chaos and Calm are so fun and easy to make and you can use them to talk about the gas giants.

3 Boys and a Dog has a great set of scaled planet printables you can use to show the relative sizes of the planets. Kids can color them in and use them in projects.

These pipe cleaner constellations are a fun way to talk about the shapes people have seen in the stars, and they can make up their own constellations, too. Get the printables from 123 Homeschool 4 Me. Views from a Step Stool also has some good printable constellation activity pack with coloring pages, cards, a research page for kids to fill in as they learn about a constellation and more.

Add some fizzy fun to your space exploration with the erupting moon rocks from Learn Play Imagine.

When you’re talking about space you need a rocket ship! Arty Crafty Kids has a printable kids can decorate — and use to practice their cutting skills. And Highlights has a tutorial for a simple play telescope.

Talk of space often includes talk of aliens, so why not make a cute alien spacecraft like the one from Rainy Day Mum? Or some cardboard tube aliens, tutorial from Fun Family Crafts?

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