Should You Block a Cowl? – Knitting

I just finished knitting a mosaic knit cowl (I’ll share the pattern when it’s live next week!) and I knew that I needed to block it before I took photographs because blocking helps even out the stitches and makes it look nice and smooth when the tension on colorwork isn’t always even.

You might think that you don’t need to block things like cowls and scarves since they don’t need to be a particular size, but Olive Knits makes a good several arguments for why you might want to give them that finishing touch.

I will fully admit that I don’t block everything I knit, but I never regret taking the time to do it. So I probably should block everything. Maybe you should, too?

Check out the very valid reasons you should block your knit cowls on Olive Knits, and let me know: do you block cowls and other projects that don’t need to be a specific size?

[Photo: Olive Knits.]

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