Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 release date prediction, specs, and more

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With the Galaxy Unpacked event happening tomorrow, there is a lot of buzz around what will be shown, including the expectant launch of the Galaxy Watch 5.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to be at the very least announced tomorrow, alongside all the next big phones, earbuds, and other fun stuff from the Korean electronics giant. Let’s see what we know so far.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 release date

As the Galaxy Unpacked event is going on tomorrow, chances are we won’t be waiting too long, as it’ll either be available as soon as they announce it or hours to days after the fact.

Looking at the release of the Galaxy Watch 4, we are going to hedge our bets and take a guess that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 release date will be around 2 weeks after the Galaxy Unpacked event.

This was the case last year, and it positions it to compete well with the other upcoming wearables from the likes of Apple and Google.

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Galaxy Watch 5 price

The previous Galaxy Watch 4 was priced at $249.99 for the Bluetooth model and $299.99 for the 4G-enabled version.

These were the prices at launch, and a slight increase to compensate for inflation and all that nonsense seems about right for the Galaxy Watch 5 price.

So, we’re going to take a punt and say the price is likely to start at around $280 this time around, with higher prices for larger face sizes and fancier strap options.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 specs

According to the editorial outlet Sammobile, it’s looking like the Galaxy Watch 5 specs will be a massive upgrade over the previous generation.

The most notable of which is the increased battery life rumor that seems to be gaining a lot of traction recently.

This would prove a popular change as there has been a hefty amount of complaints about the Galaxy Watch 4’s battery life since its launch, with most people’s swatches running out of juice within 2 days.

Sammobile has reported that the Galaxy Watch 5 battery life will be increased due to the appearance of a wearable-sized battery rated at 276mAh.

It’s bigger than the previous watch’s battery, but we don’t yet know how much juice the new one’s functions will draw. Speaking of which:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro features

There is supposedly going to be a focus on toughness this time around, at least according to this cat.

This would be a smart call as smartwatches are very prone to getting damaged. It’s worth noting here that these toughness upgrades are supposedly only for the Pro version of the Galaxy Watch 5.

Additionally, some very official-looking Spanish publicity images have hinted at the design and charging process for the watch.

galaxy watch 5 leaks

From this tweet from SnoopyTech, we can see that the Galaxy Watch doesn’t appear to feature a rotating bezel, which was a nice feature that helped differentiate the previous generation from the competition.

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