Saints Row Fort Cullen Hidden History Guide

The Fort Cullen Hidden History in Saints Row is one of the game’s series of informative collectibles.

You can find them typically hanging around points of interest on the map, filling in background info on the world of the game.

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In this Saints Row Fort Cullen Hidden History guide, we’ll show you how to get to Fort Cullen and unlock its hidden history.

Saints Row Fort Cullen Hidden History Locations

Fort Cullen Map Location

You can find Fort Cullen pretty easily. It’s directly out the front of your church and down the road. You should see the fort straight ahead of you in a triangle-shaped piece of land.

Saints Row Fort Cullen Sign Locations

Saints Row Fort Cullen – Welcome Sign

This is a pretty easy one. The board is on the main street closest to the church and also marks the entrance to the fort. It’s on the western edge of the triangle-shaped lot about halfway down.

Saints Row Fort Cullen – Sign 2

Fort CUllen 02

Head left from the first board, and down the diagonal street. On the left side of this path, you will see your next prize.

Saints Row Fort Cullen – Sign 3

Fort Cullen 03

Turn 180 degrees after getting board number 2 and you’ll see board number 3.

Saints Row Fort Cullen – Signs 4 & 5

Fort CUllen 04

Head to the right after getting board 3 and around the semi-circle water fountain with canons inside, you’ll find both boards 4 and 5 on opposite sides of the structure.

Simply return to the first sign again and you’ll be rewarded with XP and cash for your troubles.

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