Pressed Flower Cards

Learn how to make handmade cards with pressed flowers.

Today’s craft tutorial is a fun one. I’m going to show you how I made these see-through window cards with pressed flower designs. This is a great springtime craft for kids and adults alike. It’s really fun to wander through the yard or park looking for pretty flowers and leaves to press.

This post is sponsored by Duck Brand. All ideas and opinions are my own.

To make your own handmade cards, you will need:

handmade cards with pressed flowers

Materials Needed


Step 1: Gather a variety of flowers or leaves from outside. Preserve the flowers by pressing them between the pages of a heavy book or in a flower press. I like to line the pages with white copy paper first to protect the book from stains. Leave the flowers in the book for about a week, or until completely dry.

Step 2: Cut a window into the front of a card, leaving about 1 inch around the outside edges. The window will be approximately 3.25 inches x 4.5 inches if you use an A2 card.

Step 3: Cut a piece of EasyLiner slightly larger than the size of the card’s window (about 3.3 inches x 4.6 inches for an A2 card). Cut a second piece that is just slightly smaller than the outside edges of the card (4.15 inches x 5.25 inches for an A2 card).

pressed flowers in clear laminate

Step 4: Remove the paper backing from the smaller piece of EasyLiner and place it on your work surface sticky side up. Stick pressed flowers onto the liner in a pretty design with the front of the flower facing down.

Step 5: Remove the paper backing from the larger piece of EasyLiner and stick it to the smaller piece so the sticky sides are together and the flowers are sandwiched inside. There should be a small sticky border around the edges.

pressed flower card idea

Step 6: Open the card. Line up the pressed flowers inside the card’s window, then use the sticky border to attach it in place.

make a clear window pressed flower card

And that’s how you make these fun cards. The delicate pressed flowers are safe and preserved inside the clear laminate, but still on full display to enjoy.

There are so many different variations of this idea you could try. Wouldn’t it be cute to make a picture out of the flowers or an abstract design like a mandala? There are so many possibilities!

Pressed Flower Cards Video Tutorial

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handmade cards with pressed flower windows

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