Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: New Trailer & Bike Forms

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A new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has arrived, and it looks to substantially shake up the series formula.

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Building on Legends Arceus’ evolving Pokemon gameplay, Scarlet and Violet offers a brand new open world that you can explore, gyms that can be challenged in any order, co-op features, and more!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Bike Edition

In a first for the Pokemon series, you will have Scarlet and Violet’s Legendary Pokemon by your side for the whole game. Miraidon and Koraidon will eventually be able to assist you in battle, but they can be used to transport you across the world right away. By transforming into bike forms, these unique legendaries are key to exploration. Speeding across plains, climbing cliffs, gliding, and more are all possible with these Pokemon at your side. Watch the trailer below to see them in action

Pre Order Bonuses

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pre Order Bonuses

In addition to these powerful new pokemon allies, Scarlet and Violet’s co-op features allow you to explore the world of pokemon with your friends at your side for the first time!

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Pre-orders of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will come with a special new Tera-type Pikachu that can be redeemed through Mystery Gift until February 8th, 2023. The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet new trailer will have sold a lot of people on the game, now we just have to wait.

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