Pokemon Go Giovanni July 2022 Counters

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Pokemon Go’s Giovanni is the notorious Team Go Rocket Leader and is available to battle along with Shadow Latios in July 2022.

If you know how to counter Giovanni, the fight becomes a cakewalk and you can take him down easily.

Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters July 2022

In July 2022, Giovanni’s Lineup includes:

  • Phase 1: Persian
  • Phase 2: Nidoking/Machamp/Rhyperior
  • Phase 3: Shadow Latios


To fight Persian, you should use a Fighting-Type Pokemon like Lucario, Breloom, or Machamp. There are other options out there as well and having the move Counter in your arsenal can be very helpful to stop Persian. Follow up with a hard-hitting Fighting-Type attack like Dynamic Punch and you’ll take Persian out easily.


Nidoking is weak to Ground, Ice, Psychic, and Water-type Pokemon and you can use something like Glaceon or Mewtwo and quickly take Nidoking down with fast and charge moves. Garchomp is also an exceptional counter to Nidoking and you can easily take Giovanni’s Pokemon Down with Mud Shot and Earthquake.

Pokemon Go Giovanni – Machamp

You should use Fairy, Flying, or Psychic-type moves against this Pokemon and avoid Dark, Bug, and Rock-type moves. Mewtwo is once again a solid option and you can use the same Psycho Cut and Psychic Strike combo that works well against Nidoking.


Grass and Water moves work best against Rhyperior. You want to use moves like Hydro Cannon and Frenzy Plant to take down the Pokemon quickly. Fast moves like Razor Leaf and Waterfall should create openings for you to follow up with a Charge Move to shut down your foe.

Pokemon Go Giovanni – Shadow Latios

To take out Shadow Latios, you can use Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, or Ice. There are strong legendary options available but if you don’t have access to them, Gengar is one of the best options. You can use Shadow Claw and Shadowball to take down your foe quickly.

If you don’t have the right counter picks, you’ll lose to Pokemon Go Giovanni. Unlike other Team Go Rocket grunts, he does not mess around and you should be careful when fighting him. But even if you do make mistakes and lose, you will be able to rematch the fight immediately.

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