Online Extras from FWW Issue #299

Online extras from FWW issue #299

Adam Godet Market

Article: Making it in the market

Looking to start selling your wares at a local market? You might want to listen to the sage advice of Adam Godet, who sells thousands of small goods every year.

Hand-routed letters

Video: Hand-routed lettering 

Larissa Huff doesn’t let a lack of a CNC machine get in her way. All it takes is a good router, the right bit, and lots of practice.

Shaker Candle Stand

Video Workshop: Shaker candle stand with Christian Beckvoort 

He’s built dozens of round Shaker stands over four decades, so there is no one more qualified than Christian Becksvoort to demonstrate making this classic. In this seven-part video series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Turn the wine-bottle post
  • Shape the legs, softening the edges with a lathe-mounted sanding drum
  • Hand-cut dovetails to attach the legs to the post
  • Add a beautiful hand-rubbed finish with oil and varnish

Video: Hammer it home

Steve Latta veneers his folding-top table using a vacuum pump. In the pre-industrial age, the task was likely done by hammer veneering, and in this video Steve will show you how.

offset turning

Video: Offset turning

Beth Ireland shows how to make turned parts like legs or boxes with an elliptical cross-section, or even a triangular one.

climb cut

Video: What exactly is a climb cut? (Coming 10/5)

Climb cutting when routing can be confusing. In this video we try to clear up the confusion and show some tips for identifying a climb cut and avoiding it.

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