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Have you been struggling to learn how to needle felt well?  Perhaps you have followed along with a few books or kits but can’t really get the feel for it.  There’s nothing like learning in person, really getting one on one help where the teacher can feel how your project is coming along and see where you might have picked up bad habits!

These days we can do the next best thing from home!  We can invite our entire class into our homes via online classes, where the teacher can show you up close and in real time, how to create all sorts of things.  You can even go back and watch the videos at your leisure, stopping and starting as you need to.

A number of teachers are doing one off classes, where you can sign up to make a bird or a kitten, just the one project, for a couple of full days!  And these are great projects, you can often access them afterwards as well.  But they can be very expensive, and you only get to learn how to make one thing.

Over at Little Handfuls, I am teaching my students a new project every month.  And often they get to help choose what the project for the month will be.  We work along together and they can ask questions as we go during the live class, or drop them in the comments for me to answer later.

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After that all classes are stored in our facebook groups private library, right now there are over 50 classes saved and ready to go whenever new people join up.  So you will always be able to make them in your timezone, and share what you made with the group!

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We have challenges with prizes and from time to time we do a zoom chat so we can see each other and share what we have been doing, ask for help with anything or just work along enjoying the company.

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If you have been looking for a community that loves to do what you love to do, that is interested in what you have been making or what you have been having trouble make.  Or if you want to feel like you have more ideas, skills, tricks and tools of the trade, then this is the place for you!

Subscriptions are taken through Patreon which will deduct automatically for you each month, and fees are from$8usd per month depending on the level of interaction you want!

For more information you can visit the facebook page for Little Handfuls at the link here!

Or to check out the Patreon page you can check out the link here!

While you are on the facebook page you might just find a few free videos stored from classes I did during our Covid lockdowns for anyone to join in with, so you could check those out too and get an idea of how the classes are filmed!

Happy Felting!



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