Needle Felt a Baby Gift! Felted Rattle Ball – Felting



Over the years I have felted a number of balls with rattles in them, or oval ones with weights so that they ‘pop’ back up when pushed.  Making something that a young child will enjoy time and again is so rewarding.

This neat tutorial has all the info and ideas you might need to get started on one of your own!  Head over to My Poppet to find the full instructions and photo step by step!  If you can’t find the plastic egg used in this tutorial don’t despair, have a think about other small containers you could use to put a bell into.  I bet you will come up with a few, including the inside of a Kinder Surprise egg or an old film canister!

Once you have the middle wrapped up well you can get artistic and design any pattern you like.  For children who are particularly inclined to put this in their mouth you might like to wet felt it as well, so rub the surface really well with soapy warm water, have a look at some wet felting tutorials if you need more instruction on this.  I would also rub it on something like bubble wrap and rinse thoroughly when done.  This will last for years of play!

Again you will find the full tutorial here at My Poppet, just click on the link here!

Happy Felting!

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