MultiVersus Season One Battle Pass: Price, tiers, rewards & more

A new season means a new goodies!

MultiVersus Season One is here! Alongside it however, is the MultiVersus Season One Battle Pass – in this guide we’ll show the price, different tiers and significant rewards that come with this seasons battle pass!

MultiVersus Season One Battle Pass


Season One Battle Pass Price

The battle pass currently costs 950 Gleamium, which is a little under £7.99GBP for the premium version.

The premium version will allow you to unlock additional cosmetics, emotes and more goodies alongside the free version, an extra reason to continue grinding Season 1!

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Some notable tiers include Tier 2, Tier 6 and Tier 10 which give you premium goodies such as gold coins and more toasts to spend on your teammates! 500 gold coins is a great way to collect in order to unlock more characters!

Further down the battle pass…


Further down the battle pass is the beginning of more variant skins in the game, including Task Force Harley and Flashback Garnet in the premium section of the battle pass.

It’s to be noted, that there isn’t many skin variants in the free section, so if you want to be able to grab most of the skins that are included in this inaugural season, you’ll have to fork out your wallet to access the premium version!

However, a nice surprise at the end by Warner Bros and Player First is giving fans even more motivation to complete this season’s battle pass…

Introducing… LeRobin!


A nice touch by the developers saw them gifting fans a free variant for LeBron James as the last skin on the free version, and surprisingly we’ll be seeing Brunhidle Bugs Bunny from What’s Opera, Doc? as a nice throwback variant to top off the season’s battle pass!

Has MultiVersus Season One launched?


Fortunately, season one has now launched! Following a week delay which saw the game’s original date of August 9, 2022 postponed – we finally got a launch of Season One on August 15, 2022!

Is Ranked Mode Out?

While MultiVersus has promised Ranked Mode to come in Season One, they’ve mentioned that aspects of the season will released in a reasonable timezone, reflected of the games’ roadmap.

Tips and Tricks

Here are few tips and tricks to complete MultiVersus’ Season One battle pass:

  • Make sure you’re completing “Today’s Missions”. These missions reset every 24 Hours and consist of six everyday, you can amass a good amount of “Rested XP” from this.
  • Seasonal Milestones, these are weekly and has a total of 1,800 rested XP! That’s a lot to miss out on! You can definitely jump a few tiers weekly just by doing these simple three challenges by continuously playing the game.
  • And of course, playing the game helps! You will naturally receive “rested XP” from playing.

What is Rested XP?

Rested XP is a progressional system in MultiVersus which goes towards your Battle Pass progression. Where players are exposed to experience including playing in matches, to where your XP is doubled.

This system encourages players to continuously play the game however not to burn out progressively by playing too much – hence the “rested” in the word. Your rested XP fills up as you idle the game or switch it off – pretty cool idea!

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