MultiVersus Finals Breaks Current Meta during EVO 2022

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Source: MultiVersus World, 2022

MultiVersus was on display during EVO 2022, during the MultiVersus Finals for the tournament however – it broke the current meta!

Players Nakat & CLG Void broke the current mage/support meta with their dominating win!

Source: Nakat, 2022

Ending in a 2-0 victory for Nakat and Void, they decided to stay true to Wonder Woman for both maps including BatCave and Trophy’s E.D.G.E!

In impressive fashion, the team of RoseJ and MirrorMan went with Velma and Bugs Bunny in meta fashion with the best mage character and best support character in the game.

Nevertheless, Nakat and Void still managed to pull off the upset to win the $10,000 tournament.

Source: CLG, 2022

Following EVO, the state of MultiVersus is in interesting situation.

State of Bugs Bunny at EVO 2022

Source: TheLoadout, 2022

Going into early-access and open beta, Bugs Bunny was unquestionably the best mage to enter the arena fighter.

However following the surge of popularity of Bugs Bunny including the pick rate he received at EVO 2022, it’s expected a nerf is imminent.

It could have interesting implications going forward for Bugs.

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Wonder Woman Nerf?

Jokingly, game director Tony Huynh took to Twitter to address possible Wonder Woman buffs following NAKAT’s dominating win.

However not to be worried! It’s still expected that Wonder Woman is to receive a healthy buff!

Following EVO, it will be interesting where she sits against the other characters – potentially becoming the best tank in the game!

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