Monster Hunter Paradise predicted release date and rumours

The name of the next Monster Hunter game has seemingly been leaked, and will be called Monster Hunter Paradise.

The game, which will be the sixth entry in the hugely popular series, was allegedly discovered on Discord.

Of course, this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. There are also rumours the new game is being developed for Xbox and PlayStation.

However, it’s already got fans on Reddit postulating about when the next game will drop.

When is the Monster Hunter 6 release date?

There have been a total of six main games in the Monster Hunter series so far. There are spin offs attached to each of these.

It kicked off with the original Monster Hunter in 2004, before Monster Hunter 2 launched in 2006.

Monster Hunter Tri came along in 2009, while Monster Hunter 4 arrived in 2013. This was followed by Monster Hunter: World in 2018 and the most recent Monster Hunter: Rise in 2021, along with the latest Sunbreak expansion.

So, if we just take the historical release cadence, it seems there is a new full-fat game every 2-3 years. That would mean the next Monster Hunter game, which would the seventh main game, could launch some time next year.

The new Monster Hunter game is rumoured to be called Paradise

How many Monster Hunter games are there?

If you take into account all of the expansions, there are 23 Monster Hunter games.

Fun fact, after Resident Evil, Monster Hunter is Capcom’s best selling franchise, with more than 80m units sold worldwide as of March 2022.

What is the current Monster Hunter game?

The current most recent game is Monster Hunter: Rise, specifically the Sunbreak expansion, which launched in June.

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