Mock Cabled Baby Socks Knitting Pattern – Knitting

I don’t really like baby booties, to knit or for babies to wear. I feel like they fall off way too easily, and while they are cute they aren’t really that useful.

I much prefer knitting socks for babies, like the sweet little mock cabled socks in our Easy Baby Knits ebook.

Socks aren’t that much harder to knit than booties, and they don’t take a lot of time (I think I can knit a baby sock in a day) but they tend to fit better and be harder for little ones to take off.

I added a super simple mock cable to the legs — it’s really just a twisted stitch, even easier than a cable! — but you can of course leave the legs plain. Or add stripes to make this a simple and adorable stash busting project.

This pattern is just one of the 10 you will find in our Easy Baby Knits ebook, which you can download now from our store.

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