Madden 23: The Top 5 rookies

Every season, the NFL Draft introduces a new wave of young, bright rookies as they set out to pave a new path for not only themselves but also for the teams that pick them.

With the launch of Madden 23 drawing closer, taking the time to evaluate which rookies are best and why can be very useful for just about all of the game modes available. Naturally, as the season takes place, the ratings of all the rookies will change, for better or for worse, depending on their production.

Whether it’s in Madden Ultimate Team or in ‘Play Now’, gamers will get the chance to play with rookies that currently are 70 ratings but could wind their way up as mid-tier 80s by the end of the season (if not higher).

On the other hand, Franchise Mode will grant fans the opportunity to think and decide for themselves which rookies will be worth investing into and which have the potential to be elite over the span of 2-3 seasons (or less).

With that said, here’s a breakdown of the Top 5 rookies in Madden 23.

Top 5 Madden 23 Rookies

  1. Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner (CB) – 78
  2. Jordan Davis (DT) – 78
  3. Jameson Williams (WR) – 78
  4. Aidan Hutchinson (LOLB) – 77
  5. Derek Stingley (CB) – 77
Sauce Gardner New York Jets
Curtesy of the New York Jets

1. Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner (CB)

If there is any rookie cornerback you want to try out in Madden 23, it should be Gardner from the New York Jets. In his three collegiate seasons at Cincinnati, Gardner had nine interceptions, 16 passes defended, and a total of 99 tackles. With Madden 23 introducing FieldSENSE, which amongst other things offers more control over WR vs DB matchups, Gardner will be a lot of fun to use and fans shouldn’t shy away from finding out why.

To give you an idea, Madden 23 gave him 94 acceleration, 92 speed, 90 stamina, 89 agility, 89 jumping, 85 toughness, 83 press rating, and 74 catching. That kind of special quickness, balance, and athleticism he possesses, led Gardner to become the highest rated rookie in Madden 23 and don’t be surprised to see his ranking shoot up well into the 80s come the end of the season.

2. Jordan Davis (DT)

Remember in previous Madden games when you could use a dominant defensive tackle like Vince Wilfork and just plow up the middle with raw power and strength, that’s probably the best way to describe Philadelphia Eagles rookie Jordan Davis, which is hard to fathom.

Standing at 6’6”, 340 pounds, Davis had himself seven sacks, 11.5 tackles for a loss, and 90 total tackles over all fours years he played at Georgia. Whether it’s stopping the run or flattening an offensive lineman to get to the quarterback, Davis will be an exciting rookie to watch for and play with in Madden 23.

If you’re looking to have a dominant defensive lineman on defense, Davis is a great rookie to plug in to achieve just that. Madden gave him 96 strength, 87 toughness, 87 acceleration, 83 tackling, 82 power, 80 speed, and 80 pursuit. That’s him right now as a 78 rating. Should he improve as the season continues, Davis will find himself in the 80s sooner rather than later.

3. Jameson Williams (WR)

In Madden 23, there will be plenty of fun, rookie wide receivers fans might want to explore with. But should you be interested in playing with a speedster-of-a-wideout that can flat out zoom past his opponents or drop them with his route running, Detroit Lions rookie wide receiver Jameson Williams is your answer.

In his final season at Ohio State, Williams had an incredible season, hauling in 79 receptions for 1,572 yards and 15 receiving touchdowns. For some other rookie wide receivers, this is how much they have achieved over a three-to-four-year time span.

As a result of the performance he had to go along with his remarkable skill set, Williams received a 78 overall and understandably so. Possessing 98 speed, 95 acceleration, 94 agility, 94 change of direction, 86 toughness, 85 juke move, 82 jumping, and 80 catching, this youngster is scary dangerous and will be well worth the try for any Madden game mode you use him for.

Aidan Hutchinson Detroit Lions
Curtesy of the Detroit Lions

4. Aidan Hutchinson (LOLB)

Projected to be the number one overall pick pretty much across the board up until the countdown on NFL Draft Day, Hutchinson ended up being selected second overall by the Detroit Lions and is truly a force of nature that will be a lot of fun to play with in Madden 23.

In his fourth and final season with Michigan, Hutchinson went off, securing 14 sacks, two forced fumbles, and 62 total tackles. He is one menacing edge rusher that brings a ton of similarities to that of J.J. Watt. Even though he didn’t go number one overall, Hutchinson still received a 78 rating and will be a problem for any offense to deal with.

Hutchinson’s core strengths are his 92 toughness, 89 acceleration, 85 strength, 85 jumping, 85 stamina, 85 pursuit, 85 hit power, and 84 tackling. They made him very well balanced, which is definitely accurate. But in reality, some of his skills should be higher, particularly his strength. Expect that to change as the season advances.

5. Derek Stingley Jr. (CB)

If somehow Gardner ends up being a little too easy to use, Houston Texans rookie Derek Stingley Jr. is a great second option to try out and brings a variety of excellent skills to the table.

Although Stingley Jr. had his fair share of injuries as not only a sophomore but also as a junior at LSU, he had a bright showing as a freshman that highlighted the kind of talent he can deliver. In 15 games played as a freshman, Stingley Jr. had himself six interceptions, 15 passes defended, one forced fumble, and 38 total tackles.

Madden recognized how gifted he is and rewarded him with the proper skill set. With 93 speed, 93 agility, 92 acceleration, 92 change of direction, 91 jumping, 88 stamina, 84 juke move, and 76 catching, Stingley Jr. brings a robust selection of strengths that will make him an elite cornerback to use in Madden 23. Though he’s a 77 right now, expect him to surpass the 80 marking as the regular season draws to a close.

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