Legends of Kingdom Rush Review: An enjoyable new path for Kingdom Rush

Legends of Kingdom Rush is the newest addition to the Kingdom Rush series.

Fans of the series know that Ironhide Studios’ tower defense games are a staple of the genre on both mobile and PC.

They have depth, easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master gameplay, beautiful artwork, and quirky interesting stories! Legends of Kingdom Rush, however, is not a tower defense game at all.


In fact, it is a turn-based strategy role-playing game with roguelike elements.

I took a closer look to see if it would continue the series legacy as it ventures down this new path.

What Does Legends of Kingdom Rush Do Well?

Legends of Kingdom Rush begins with a short, nicely drawn cartoon strip sequence. The Linirean Capital has been captured by the Dark Army, this games big bad guys.

We see an imprisoned Sir Gerald Lightseeker, a recurring character from the series, having his armor returned and being freed from his shackles by a shadowy figure.

After a short tutorial level where the game introduces us to the map/travel system, combat system, dice challenges and recruit our first few party members, we arrive at the game’s overworld screen.

From the overworld screen, we can see the numerous achievements the game has to offer, the daily and quick play challenges, and the select party screen. Legends of Kingdom Rush allows you to choose a party of three to take into battle.

It’s Party Time

Legend of Kingdom Rush

This party is made up of one hero and two followers. There are (at the time of writing) six unlockable heroes and twelve unlockable followers. Each hero and follower have their own unique skills and the more you use them, the more skill variations you can unlock.

You will also recruit a random fourth party member at some point during each run. The heroes and followers all have prerequisite challenges to unlock them.

This gives Legends of Kingdom Rush an insane amount of depth, variety and replayability in terms of party composition.

Legends of Kingdom Rush has a really nice art style. It has interactable elements to the maps as you move through them which are fun and quirky.

The game also makes pop culture references about everything from Adventure Time to Harry Potter, and they had me chuckling at times. The game is really challenging and beating a new level on the first try with the same party composition is unlikely.

That is where the real enjoyment lies, the combat can feel chess-like in the strategy, frustration, and joy when you finally beat a tough opponent.

What Does Legends of Kingdom Rush Do Poorly?

Legend of Kingdom Rush 003

Whilst Legends of Kingdom Rush has a lot of depth in unlocking and leveling up new party members, the variety of each run can feel lackluster. The game has an item system that includes potions, food, and adventuring tools.

These items can heal your party, restore lasting wounds, and can give you an edge for dice challenges. The limited pool of available items and the small number of times the option appears to use adventuring items almost makes them feel unnecessary.

The tutorial does not explain very well some key features, such as lasting wounds and fatigue, which can make combat much more difficult.

Furthermore, regarding combat, the variety of enemies can go a little stale after a while, with some encounters becoming predictable.

Choosing which path to take can simply become choosing the easiest opponents. Some enemies’ area of effect attacks can be really hard to make out at times as well.

Our Adventure’s Conclusion

In the end, despite its flaws, I actually played a lot more of Legends of Kingdom Rush than I was expecting and genuinely enjoyed my time playing it.

In summary, imagine Pit People, with fewer items. Include a branching path system akin to Slay the Spire and you would be pretty close to Legends of Kingdom Rush.

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With similarities drawn to blockbuster games like that, Legends of Kingdom Rush definitely can’t be too bad!

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