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If the RTX 3090 Ti wasn’t quite enough for you, we look at the latest on the Nvidia RTX 4090. With a roundup of all the newest leaks and rumors about what the flagship GPU may entail.

The previous Nvidia flagships in the 3090 Ti and 3090 were already seen as something a bit excessive. The average gamer never really utilizes the maximum memory capacity.

Especially when the cards came at a much higher price. However, the Ti was seen as a test run for the upcoming RTX 40 series GPUs.

We can see many features that might be expected in the next lineup. Offering a glimpse at what to expect from the upcoming offering.

So we now bring you the latest on the RTX 4090 rumors, with what may be the best graphics card of the next generation.

RTX 4090 specification rumors

Once again for the latest leaks and rumors, we have the Twitter sphere. Kopite7kimi is a prime trusted source for the latest details on Nvidia hardware.

Even with that, the hardware may keep changing until it’s officially announced. So all we can really do is keep you up to date with the latest leaks. 

The current latest news on the specifications is that the RTX 4090 is built on the AD102-300 chip. Created with TSMCs 5nm process with 16,384 CUDA cores.

RTX 4000 series specs

It features 24GB of GDDR6X memory along with a 384-bit bus clocked at 21 Gbps. And all of that requires 450 W power. Which would only require one 16-pin power connector without data lines.

Which would allow easy use of adapters or old power supplies. Although overclocked or beefier versions will have to have more cables. Slightly ruins the reduced clutter visual.

It is also a card that has had its frequency suggested. With a possible 2,235 MHz base clock and a 2,520 boost clock.

Compared to the 3090, we see a 56% increase in CUDA cores. As well as a massive increase in frequency, something Nvidia struggled over the AMD Radeon cards. Easily breaking the 2 GHz threshold.

RTX 4090

Still using the same VRAM it pushes the clock rate on it as well. Increasing the bandwidth, although now has a much higher power consumption

Leading to a 100 W higher TDP. Which does mean it will be using the new power cables and much bigger cooling. Just like the 3090 Ti which had the same TDP. 

If the other rumors about the bus interface are true it is a bit more concerning. Although the bandwidth is large it is rumored that the 40 cards will still use PCIe 4.

It may not quite fulfill the whole throughput but it is getting closer with better frequencies and capacities. Especially if it is true AMD RDNA 3 cards are planning to utilize PCIe gen 5.

RTX 4090 RTX 3090 RX 6900 XT
GPU AD102-300 GA102-300 Navi 21 XTX
GPU process TSMC 5nm Samsung 8nm TSMC 7nm
CUDA/SPs 16,384 10,496 5,120
Base clock 2,235 MHz 1,395 MHz 1,825 MHz
Boost clock 2,520 MHz 1,695 MHz 2,250 MHz
Memory clock 21 Gbps 19.5 Gbps 16 Gbps
Memory bus 384-bit 384-bit 256-bit
TDP 450 W 350 W 300 W

Nvidia RTX 4090 release date rumors

Another ever-changing spec is the RTX 4090 release date. The RTX 3090 launched as the flagship in September 2020.

And that is likely to happen this time, with there being suggestions of the 4090 coming out first. But there has been plenty of suggestions when they would come out.

As initially the first release date was meant to be early Q3 possibly even July. Yet now it has been pushed down the line.

Likely from the current GPU market situation. As the crypto price crashes so does the graphics card pricing.

With no one nabbing stock and miners dropping their supply pricing has been falling. Which has been great for us but not so much for Nvidia.

Before releasing the new stuff it would want to get rid of the excess and so it has been pushed back. However, it doesn’t want to delay too long for AMD to grab the market share with its release.

And so we expect the Nvidia RTX 4090 to release in September 2022. Although there is nothing concrete and may keep changing as we get closer to the date.

Nvidia RTX 4090 price speculation

Pricing is one of the last specs to be confirmed. With it can easily be changed right up until the actual release of the card.

So it isn’t usually rumored until closer to the date. However, we can look back at what the pricing was in previous generations for the xx90 series of cards.

That’s where we see the RTX 3090 cost $1,499 USD. That was the first 90 cards we see, so we have to see the Titan series. With the Titan RTX costing $2,499 USD, and the Titan V at $2,999 USD.

There are a bit fewer data points to extrapolate but we also had the 3090 Ti costing $1,999 USD. So we think the RTX 4090 will cost in the range of $1,499-$1,999 USD. A very high-end option and not necessary for most of us.

RTX 4090 performance

As we get closer to the alleged release we begin to see some tests and benchmarks leaking out. And one of these is a part of the 3DMark library.

With kopite7kimi on Twitter reporting that the RTX 4090 achieves a score above 19,000 graphics in the Time Spy Extreme. We can now compare that to the current selection.

Although it might not be an ideal comparison it does give a general idea. Compared to the 3090 Ti it achieves a score 66% higher than a 3090 Ti and 82% more than the 3090.

RTX 4090 RTX 3090 Ti RTX 3090
3DMark Time Spy Extreme (GPU score) ~19,000 11,400 10,440
RTX 4090 performance

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RTX 4090 frequently asked questions

How much VRAM will the 4090 have?

The Nvidia RTX 4090 is rumored to feature 24 GB of GDDR6X VRAM. Along with a 384-bit memory bus and clocked at 21 Gbps.

How big is the 4090?

With a rumored 450W TDP we expect it to be quite large. It is the same as the 3090 Ti and so if the rumor is true, the RTX 4090 will be 4 slots big. That’s with air cooling but water cooling can get that down in size.

Is ther RTX 4090 coming out?

The RTX 4090 is near 99% confirmed to be coming out. If Nvidia continues with its current naming scheme then the card is likely to be the flagship of the RTX 4000 series. With the card supposedly the first to release out of the series.

The RTX 4090 has a supposed TDP of 450W, which if true will put the recommended power supply at 850W. Likely through a 16-pin power connector for the next-gen cards like the 3090 Ti has.

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