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Convincing evidence that Kingdom Come 2 actually exists (the rumoured Kingdom Come Deliverance sequel that fans had hoped was in the works from Czech developer Warhorse Studios) was discovered over the weekend. Eagle-eyed Redditor u/poisonivy173 originally posted a screengrab of the leak, which came via Instagram courtesy of BMA Artists, a London-based ‘creative acting and talent agency’.

The leak explicitly mentions ‘video game Kingdom Come 2’, stating that one of its actors had voiced the character of ‘King John of Liechenstein’ for it.

Youtuber SxyBiscuit has also posted a video discussing the subject (along with other info and theories), which you can view below.

BMA Artists have since removed the post from their Instagram page, which probably adds more credence to the leak being genuine in our eyes.

Who is John of Liechtenstein in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

John of Liechtenstein, more correctly John II of Liechtenstein, is a real life historical figure who appears in the epilogue of Kingdom Come: Deliverance (the original game) and is thought to be a more heavily featured character in the sequel. Following his real role in history, John is likely to be involved in trying to free the imprisoned King Wenceslaus from captivity (who’s capture leads to the events of the first game), and in trying to defeat the pretender to the throne Sigismund. We don’t know for sure if players will once again take control of Henry of Skalitz from the first game, but if so it’s likely they will be allied to old Johnny boy in some capacity, perhaps doing missions helping him to achieve his goals.

Has Kingdom Come 2 been confirmed?

There has been no official confirmation from Warhorse studios that the Kingdom Come Deliverance sequel is being made, but there has been a fair amount of circumstantial evidence floating about which makes it seem likely. One of the reasons to be hopeful are that the financial success of the first game means some sort of sequel would be a good business move from Warhorse, particularly given the lack of competition in the market as far as realistic Medieval RPGs go. Secondary to this, Warhorse stopped releasing updates for the original game around two years ago, and have not announced any other project they’ve been working on in that time. They’re definitely working on something, and the most likely thing would probably be Kingdom Come 2.

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