Is GeoGuessr free? Best free GeoGuessr alternatives

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GeoGuessr is the latest location guessing game taking over the internet. It gives users a snapshot of a location from Google Maps and makes you guess the location based on the surrounding environment, signs, cars, and buildings.

A tonne of streamers have recently picked up the game, achieving decent levels of engagement when playing it live. But, is GeoGuessr free, and what are the best alternatives?

We’ll be answering that very question below, while listing some of our favourite GeoGuessr-esque games for you try out as well.

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How to play GeoGuessr for free?

If you’re looking to give GeoGuessr a try, there is a way you can play the game for free – albeit in a limited capacity (not the full Classic/Pro versions).

Simply head on over to the GeoGuessr website and select the free-to-play option from the game types available.

This will take you straight into a limited 2D panorama view of one map which you can study and guess as per normal.

You can play this game as much as you want, but it is limited in terms of functionality.

If you want to play the game’s Classic version for free, there are ways to do that as well.

Simply sign up for a GeoGuessr account and you’ll be able to have a free trial. Additionally, you’ll also be able to play the game for free once a day – like more conventional location games (Globle-game springs to mind).

How much does GeoGuessr Premium cost?

Many streamers and fans of the game decide to just buy the game straight up. But how much will Goeguesser actually cost you?

The GeoGuessr Pro version will set you back a cool £1.99 per month – if paid annually. That’ll cost you exactly £23.88 per year to enjoy the game in its fullest – not too bad when you consider the cost of other games available today.

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Alternatively, you do have the option of paying monthly for GeoGuessr and that’ll cost you £2.99 a month.

Are there any GeoGuessr discounts?

At the time of writing this, there are currently no discount codes for GeoGuessr. That being said, you can head over to any of the various discount hubs and search for GeoGuessr discount codes – with varying levels of success.

The latest deal we saw for GeoGuessr discount orders was 50% off – meaning you could end up saving a cheeky 10er on a yearly subscription. Not too shabby at all.

Best free GeoGuessr alternatives

If you aren’t willing to pay for the fun guessing game, fear not, there are some cool little free GeoGuessr alternatives available.

Below we’ll list a comprehensive list of all the best free GeoGuessr alternatives:

  1. Globle game
  2. Seterra
  3. City Guesser
  4. PlayGeography
  5. Geotastic
  6. Getlost
  7. Hide & Seek world
  8. Ducksters
  9. World Geography Games
  10. Lizard Point

Each of the above games features its own unique take on the location guessing idea. For me, Globle-Game offers the best format out of the alternatives, using colors to signal how close you are to the correct country.

If you have any other GeoGuessr alternatives, feel free to drop us a comment in the section below and we’ll add it to our ever-growing list.

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