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What is the F1 video-game series?

Source: Microsoft, 2022

The F1 video-game series is a video-game franchise created by the British video game developer Codemasters. The franchise is based on the Formula One motor racing series.

The first game in the franchise was released in 2009, and the most recent game was released in 2022. F1 22 released on July 1, 2022

The games are published by Codemasters and are available for various gaming platforms, including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S.

What is crossplay?

Crossplay is a feature that allows players of the same game to play together, regardless of the platform they are using.

For example, if a player is using an Xbox Series X/S and another player is using a PlayStation 5, they will be able to play together in the same game.

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Though cross-play has become more accessible, it is not accessible for all games and unfortunately.

A question to be asked in this context – Is ‘F1 22’ crossplay?

So, does ‘F1 22’ have crossplay?

No, ‘F1 22’ does not have crossplay yet.

However, Codemasters have promised this year that ‘F1 22’ will have crossplay integrated in a *future update of the game.*


In conclusion, ‘F1 22’ is not crossplay yet but is promised to have the feature in a future update from Codemasters.

The only assumption is that cross-play is being actively developed by the publishers to bring a seamless experience once rolled out.

So, for now – enjoy the game on your own platform until the feature is added!

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Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated on when exactly cross-play is looking to be rolled out by Codemasters.

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