Intel’s 13th generation CPUs to launch after AMD’s Zen 4 CPUs 

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Intel’s 13th generation CPUs to launch after AMD’s Zen 4 CPUs: AMD and Intel have been at war with each other for many years, desperately trying to one-up one another with every CPU release. 

With AMD closing the gap on single-core performance and dominating multi-core performance, we suspected Intel would try to beat AMD to the post – as they did with the 12900KS just before the release of the 5800X3D

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It seems, however, that we won’t be seeing 13th generation Intel CPUs launch until well after Zen 4 processors, according to Moore’s law is dead.

Who will launch first? 13th gen, or Zen 4? 

Moore’s law is dead, in his video, claims that Intel is planning a “paper launch” of Raptor Lake CPUs in early-mid September. But it most likely will not be until October that we see 13th gen hit the stores, giving AMD almost a month’s head start. 

According to Moore’s law is dead, AMD is already sending out NDA’s – presumably in the US. Per Moore’s law, Zen 4 is right on track and will launch up to a month before Intel’s Raptor Lake CPUs on or around the 15th of September. 

As we know, AMD is launching Zen 4 CPUs alongside AM5 motherboard chipsets X670E and X670 (because you’re going to need a motherboard to put the new Zen 4 CPUs in). The other B650 chipset will release later on, maybe towards the end of the year. 

AMD Vs Intel

Moore’s law also touched upon the raging battle between AMD and Intel, stating that both companies will trade hits in both single and multi-core performance, but neither company will take home a win in both departments. 

Both companies, however, do expect AMD to come out on top in terms of power efficiency. 

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Final word

The battle of AMD vs Intel is heating up, we’ve seen rumors and leaks suggesting that there are significant performance gains to be had from both Zen 4 and Raptor Lake CPUs. 

However, our money is on AMD coming out with a win this generation. Think of how well AMD still holds up with CPUs a generation behind, and a motherboard platform that’s essentially 6 years old. 

We can’t wait to see how this generation plays out. We hope you enjoyed our Intel’s 13th generation CPUs to launch after AMD’s Zen 4 CPUs article.

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