How to Win Solo Matches in MultiVersus Consistently

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In this guide, we’ll show how to win solo matches in MultiVersus consistently.

Source: L.C, 2022

MultiVersus is preparing to go into it’s open beta phase today.

Whilst enjoying the experience, it could be a learning experience for few others.

Playing modes such as 1v1 could be an intimidating obstacle if you’re not familiar with arena fighters such as Super Mario Smash.

Taking these tips into consideration can definitely improve your performance on the game which can see more wins for you!

Utilising the dodge mechanic

Source: SteelSeries, 2022

A strong, fundamental priority in arena fighters.

Utilising the dodge mechanic can be the difference between a two-match win and a six-match win streak.

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Being able to read enemies abilities will naturally come as you play the game more.

However when learnt, you will be able to determine the best time to dodge.

If you are anticipating a big attack, to be able to dodge it efficiently puts you in a huge advantage!

Understanding the meta picks

Source: Push Square, 2022

The upper-echelon of MultiVersus competitive will utilise picking strongest characters.

A character such as Harley Quinn is a great choice for a 1v1 situation due to her versatility and abilities.

Arya Stark can also be a great character for a 1v1 situation due to her side attacks which allows her to spin towards enemies.

Another example of a character who is great at keeping enemies at bay whilst striking at the right time to inflict damage.

What is ‘meta’ in gaming?

The word “meta” is often used in gaming to refer to the prevailing strategies or tactics that are being used by players in a particular game.

It can also refer to the overall state of the game itself, in terms of how well balanced it is and how fair it is for all players.

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In some cases, the meta of a game can also refer to the community of players that surround it.

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