How to Save Ryo in Digimon Survive

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Looking for a way to save Ryo from death in Digimon Survive?

Ryo Tominaga meets an unfortunate end in Digimon Survive chapter 3. It’s a crushing blow when you’re just beginning to get to know the secret scaredy-cat.

Try as you might, it seems that Ryo is doomed no matter what choice you make.

But, what if there was a way to spare Ryo from his early death?

It may take some time, but it’s possible to save Ryo in Digimon Survive and keep him in your party for the rest of the game. We’ll show you how with our Digimon Survive guide.

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Digimon Survive: Ryo’s Death

Following the battle with Cyclonemon in chapter 3, Ryo will be in mortal danger. Haunted by visions of his dead mother, Ryo is unable to see through the specter’s manipulations.

Before you can do anything to help, ghostly hands appear and drag Ryo into the fog. Kunemon fades away shortly after, confirming that Ryo is dead.

If you feel as if you’ve made the wrong choices in Digimon Survive and had a part to play in Ryo’s death, don’t worry. Ryo’s death in chapter 3 is locked in by default and has nothing to do with the choices you’ve made.

But if that’s the case, should you go about saving Ryo in Digimon survive?

Saving Ryo: Affinity Boost

Here’s the bad news. It’s impossible to save Ryo on your first playthrough of Digimon Survive.

No matter what dialogue options you choose, and even if Ryo’s affinity has been maxed out, his death in Digimon Survive chapter 3 is scripted and can’t be avoided.

The ability to save Ryo only becomes possible when playing Digimon Survive’s New Game Plus mode. If you’ve put in the work and played through all of Digimon Survive’s Story, you can restart the game and save characters that were previously fated to die no matter what. Doing so can eventually leads to the best ending of Digimon Survive. So if you want to see everything the game has to offer, it’s best to play through it more than once.

Saving Ryo still requires some work, even when you’ve unlocked New Game Plus.

The first thing that needs doing to save Ryo in New Game Plus is to raise his affinity as much as possible. Raise Ryo’s affinity by talking to him at every opportunity and choosing the correct dialogue choices that support his actions and point of view. If you’ve boosted Ryo’s affinity enough by chapter 3, you’ll be on track to save him.

Saving Ryo: The Crucial Choice

ryo danger

Once Ryo’s affinity is high, progress in Digimon Survive until you reach the scene where Ryo is in danger in chapter 3. At this point, the key choice needed to save Ryo is a dialogue option.

When presented with “Ryo’s in trouble! Do we help?!”, choose the option “Of course we’ll help!”

If you select the option and Ryo’s affinity is high enough, his partner Kunemon will appear at his side and help him break out of his stupor.

With these steps completed, Ryo won’t be claimed by the fog and will return to take his place in your party. Now he and Kunemon can be valuable assets on the way to unlocking Digimon Survive’s best ending in New Game Plus!

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