How to Recruit Digimon in Digimon Survive

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How to recruit Digimon in Digimon Survive?

The game comes closer than almost any before it to replicating the experience of Digimon Adventure.

Each of its characters have a companion Digimon that they grow and battle alongside.

But you are not simply limited to one partner Digimon in Digimon Survive.

Through recruiting, talking to, and befriending other Digimon, you’ll eventually have access to dozens of digital allies to call on.

We’ll walk you through how to use Karma to your advantage and recruit more Digimon to your team with our Digimon Survive guide.

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Digimon Survive – Dialogue Choices

While many Digimon in Survive live up to the ‘monster’ part of their name, others have just as much personality and presence of mind as ever. It isn’t as simple as wearing these Digimon down and capturing them. If you want to add Digimon to your party, you’re going to need to talk to them.

When in battle with enemy Digimon, select the ‘talk’ menu option. Often this option will be used to boost your party in Digimon Survive, but moving over to ‘foes’ allows you to converse with your enemies directly.

A mini-game then follows, one that will be familiar to anyone that has experienced the Shin Megami Tensei series’ demon recruitment. The Digimon you are talking to will ask three questions in a row, with four possible answers to each. You need to work out, based on the Digimon’s tone and personality, which of the answers it will appreciate most. 

For each question, there is the best choice, a good choice, a neutral choice, and a bad choice.

The best choice gives you two points, the good gives you one point, neutral won’t add any points, and the bad choice deducts a point.

If you have three or more points after three questions, you can then either attempt to recruit the Digimon or ask it to give you an item.

Recruiting at this stage will have a different percentage of success depending on the level of the Digimon relative to your party and your Karma score in Digimon Survive. 

How to Recruit Digimon – Successes and Failures

Digimon Survive Recruit success

Even if you don’t manage to successfully recruit the Digimon, a failed attempt at this stage leads to them leaving the fight entirely, making the rest of the battle significantly easier.  

Be warned: if you don’t manage to accrue 3 or more points after all 3 questions, that Digimon will not only refuse to talk further but will receive a stat boost to use against you for the rest of the fight. 

Recruiting and Karma 

Digimon Survive Karma Talk

Each Digimon corresponds to one of three types; Virus, Vaccine, and Data.

Each of these Digimon types matches with a specific type of Karma in Digimon Survive.

Vaccine Digimon are linked to Moral Karma, Virus Digimon to Wrathful Karma, and Data Digimon to Harmony Karma.

The more of each type of Karma you have, the higher your chances of success when asking a Digimon of that type to join your party. 


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