How To Play The Assassin Class In MultiVersus

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to play the assassin class in MultiVersus.

Assassins in the game include the likes of Harley Quinn, Finn and Arya Stark

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There are five classes in MultiVersus – bruiser, assassin, tank, mage and support – we will focus on assassin.

How to play Assassin in MultiVersus

Source: TheGamer, 2022

One general tip around the assassin class to really understand your kit.

Assassins rely on their speed and they need to be in and out of exchanges with little to no damage as possible.

This is crucial for assassins as they can be very squishy in the arena and are extremely vulnerable to large blows of damage inflicted on them.

Assassins need to be great map control players, thus need to concede little to no map control to opponents.

Harley Quinn is a great assassin who controls the map as much as possible with her ability to place bombs around the map.

This gives ample amount if map control and funnels enemies to set them up to deal big damage through combos.

Another tip for assassins is to constantly always be on the move. Assassins will naturally be hunted by opponents due to how squishy they are.

So it’s important to be a good assassin to be on the move and inflict less damage you can per round as possible.

This puts your team in a huge advantage as the less time they’re inflicting damage to you, more time damage is being dealt on them!

What should players on assassin class look out for?

To be basically sum it up, assassins need to make sure they are:

  • Understanding their kit properly
  • Ensuring you have good map control
  • Being on the move, as quick as possible.

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