How To Play Tank In MultiVersus

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to play tank in MultiVersus.

Tanks are slow, defensive and heavyweight characters that will deal less damage however can be able to inflict more.

If you love to keep fights close and simultaneously being upfront, this is the class for you!

In MultiVersus, the main tanks in the game currently is:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Iron Giant
  • Superman

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Why play tank in MultiVersus?

Source: Esajaelina, 2022

While mentioned before that tanks can be slow and defensive – they can be at times very effective i.e Superman.

Tanks such as Superman can deal high damage and simultaneously absorb heavy damage as a barrier to your ally in 2v2s.

A disadvantage to them however as mentioned before is being slow and heavyweight.

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They can find themselves more vulnerable as characters as they are slow to move around in the arena.

Classes such as bruisers may have a better time excelling against tanks as they have extra movement speed to increase their fluidity in factors such as combos.

Where tanks excel the best is their survivability.

Aerial attacks can be lethal when used right, however tanks are able to sustain a lot of aerial threat due to their base armour.

Tips on how to play tank in MultiVersus

Source: ComicBook, 2022

Figuring out movement is crucial for tank, as movement is slow you’ll need to excel at this to make sure you’re not being caught by faster characters.

You’ll have to rely on the amount of damage you absorb too however don’t take too much damage!

Tanks are excellent characters for 2v2 as they can act as a shield for allies to free them from damage being inflicted.

While they do absorb damage, they can also deal a good amount. Superman for example can deal great damage mixed in with his specials and lasers to set up great aerial attacks.

Understand your character a lot more – see which specials, combos and perks mesh well with them.

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The Lab is also your best friend! Use this tool to get down your combos, and also how your perks best synergise with your kit.

Regardless of the character you’re playing, the lab should always be your friend before queuing up to get those sticks warmed up!

To sum up on how to play tank, remember:

  • Figure out the characters movement and it’s weak spots
  • Act as a shield to your allies as you absorb high damage
  • See which perks mesh with each character
  • Make sure you’re dealing more damage as you absorb

Once you get the hang of being a tank, you can be almost unstoppable.

Being a tank you’ll be able to absorb a lot of damage so you have enough ample power to take down enemies by yourself.

It’s not an easy class to play however due to movement and flexibility, so get practicing!

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