How to opt out of Android Beta program 13, plus Android beta opt in

Opt out of Android 13 Beta and keep your data!

If you want to know how to opt out of Android Beta 13, or indeed how to opt in to the Android beta program, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Although the Android 13 release date (for the stable build of the OS) has now come to pass, future Android 13 Beta updates are still scheduled to take place into 2023 for additional features that Google plans to include. You have until (sometime in) September to withdraw from the program if you’re already signed up and don’t wish for any of these future updates.

Be warned: if you unenroll from the Android 13 Beta program after it recommences in September, all data from your phone will be wiped, so there’s potentially only a couple of weeks for you to opt out of Android 13 Beta before this happens to avoid being locked-in until December!

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Future Android 13 Beta program releases

Google has stated that it will continue to do Android 13 Beta updates as part of its Quarterly Feature Releases (QFR) between September 2022 and June 2023.

How to opt out of Android Beta program 13

If you wish to withdraw from / opt out of the Android 13 Beta, then simply head on over to using the browser on your phone, go to Devices and find your phone on the list, then click Opt out. You will see a pop up asking if you are sure, click Leave beta and then take an optional exit survey or skip it.

If you miss the Android 13 Beta opt out deadline in September, Google have stated you will get another chance to withdraw in December 2022 to do so without losing your user data. If you miss this second opportunity, then you may be stuck until the QFR updates cease in June 2023.

Android beta opt in for Android 13

If you want to opt in to Android 13 Beta then simply follow the same link ( and read under the How do I participate? section for further directions.

Android Beta program 13 FAQs

Will Android 13 Beta wipe my data?

If you opt out of the Android Beta 13 program before it recommences in September 2022, then your data should remain in tact. If you do so after this date, your user data will be wiped unless you wait until the next opt out opportunity in December 2022.

When is the Android 13 Beta opt out deadline?

We do not yet have a specific date for the Android 13 Beta opt out deadline, all we know is that it will be at some point in September 2022.

How do I go back to Android 12 from 13 beta?

If you haven’t yet downloaded the stable build of Android 13 on your phone, and are still running and Android 13 Beta OS version, then all you need to do to go back to Android 12 is to opt out from the Android 13 Beta program.

Once the Android 13 stable build is installed however, you cannot revert back to Android 12.

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