How To Make A Bottle In Minecraft

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A glass bottle is an obtainable item in Minecraft vital for brewing potions. You can drink from them or even use them to weaponize your potions. This guide will show you how to get one and what you can do with them.

How to craft a Glass Bottle in Minecraft

You will need a crafting table and three glass blocks to make a glass bottle. To make a crafting table, you just need four wooden planks, which you can make in your Crafting Menu.

To get glass, you can either smelt it using sand in a furnace or find glass by breaking blocks with a tool enchanted by silk touch.

The easiest method is smelting, so place some sand or red sand into the top box of your furnace and any fuel of your choice in the bottom box.

Get a glass

Place three glass blocks on your crafting table, and you’ll have your glass bottles.

Place Three Glass Blocks On Your Crafting Table

Where To Find Glass Bottles

You can find glass bottles when fishing. Upon killing a Witch, there’s a chance they’ll drop up to six glass bottles as loot.

What Can You Store In A Glass Bottle?

Glass bottles can store water, potions, honey, and dragon’s breath. To make potions , you will also need a brewing stand, which you can either find in a village church, an end ship, or an igloo basement.

You can also craft one with a blaze rod, and three blocks, ideally, cobblestone, blackstone, or cobbled deepslate. However, the Java edition allows you to use any stone-tier block.

You can fill a glass bottle with water by holding it and using it on a water block or by holding it on a cauldron filled with water.

Ideally, it’s best to fill bottles with a water source and only use a cauldron when exploring the Nether. You can also fill it by powering a dispenser that contains a bottle while pointing at a water block.

If you want to fill your glass bottle with honey, go to a bee’s nest or a beehive when it’s full.

Use the glass bottle on the block or power a dispenser holding a bottle on the block. This way, you’ll receive a whole bottle of honey.

To fill your glass bottle with the dragon’s breath, hold your glass bottle out when in clouds caused by the Ender Dragon.

These clouds will usually be caused by breathing or firing a dragon fireball at you. If you’re wondering why you would want dragon’s breath, you can use it to make a lingering potion when crafted with a splash potion.

Minecraft Glass Bottle inventory

What You Can Do With Potions In Minecraft

You can fill your glass bottle with a potion, but you need to fill it with water. Once filled, a third potion will be gone. You can use potions for various effects, but you need a water bottle to make them.

Here’s a list of some ways potions can affect you and your enemies:

These are just status effects, and all potions have different levels.

You can also find them as mob loot if you don’t want to brew them. If you want a potion of invisibility, you can even go up and kill the Wandering Trader if he hasn’t drunk it already.

If you’re in the nether, you might even be able to barter with a Piglin for some potions. If not, you can find a few by exploring the end ships in the Nether.


In conclusion, knowing how to make a glass bottle will open the door to many benefits on your Minecraft adventure as you’ll be able to take advantage of potions and their many properties.

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