How To Get And Farm Gold Coins In MultiVersus

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After reading this, you’ll be able to efficiently farm gold coins in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play fighting game by Player First Games and Warner Bros.

Involving DC and Warner Bro characters, the crossover instils nostalgia into cartoon fanatics’ minds.

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You’ll need to be able master each character to unlock every one in the game, another option to unlock characters: gold coins.

How to get more gold coins in MultiVersus

Source: GamerTweak, 2022

Gold coins is a currency in MultiVersus, this allows players to unlock other Fighters in the game.

This resource however is not easy to obtain hence why they made it harder to achieve.

However the developers have added ways that players obtain more gold coins.

Completing missions in MultiVersus

Missions are an easy way of obtaining more gold and other specific resources for completing objectives.

If you complete your dailies, you’ll be able to gain a decent amount of gold coins per day which eventually adds up!

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It’s also to be noted that, you can earn gold coins through AI missions too, a stress-free option for offline players!

Playing with your friends

With MultiVersus being a multiplayer game, a large emphasis is on playing with your friends!

Inviting friends and making a party gains you a boost of thirty percent – this goes towards progression and also those precious gold coins.

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Battle Pass

Naturally, whilst playing MultiVersus you’ll be completing the battle pass. The battle pass has a plethora of rewards to get.

One of these are gold coins and they’re available in the free tiers of the battle pass, so no money needs to be spent!

Levelling fighters up

Once you hit level five of a fighter, you obtain 100 gold coins.

16 fighters are currently available, which means that there is currently 1,600 gold coins up for grabs – for FREE.

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Once obtaining a fighter, focus on grinding them out and get them to Level 5 to obtain 100 gold coins.

So to sum up, these are the ways to effectively get more gold coins in MultiVersus:

  • Make sure you’re completing missions
  • Playing with friends
  • Completing the battle pass
  • Levelling up your fighters (at least to Level 5)

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