How to Embroider Letters on Denim by Hand – Needle Work

Do you have an old pair of jeans (or a pair that needs a little style boost)?  Then check out this tutorial from Amanda Puleo.  You’ll learn how to embroider letters onto denim. Amanda makes it easy.

In the article you will find a detailed list of materials needed as well as many photos to help you along.  There is even a video to teach you how to do the stitch that she uses to create her letters.

This would be so much fun to do.  You could write whatever you wanted.  If you were an experienced embroiderer you could also add a flower, a heart, or something else.

Get your favorite phrase ready and read this tutorial to jazz up you jeans.  You can find it here: How to Embroider Lettering On Denim By Hand

[photo by Amanda Puleo]

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