How to Avoid Puckering in Machine Embroidery – Needle Work

We have all been there.  Started out a new machine embroidery project and then quickly realized that the lettering is puckering.  This article from All Stitch can help you with that problem.

Filled with 10 problems and tips on how to solve them, you should have no problem with puckering in the future.  The article is concise and the solutions are helpful.

There is nothing worse than trying to do some fun machine embroidery and noticing problems.  It is even worse if you are not paying attention and finish the project without noticing that there is a problem.

No worries because this article will help you out.  You can find it here: How to Reduce & Prevent Puckering

[photo from All Stitch]

If you still want more check out these Machine Embroidery patterns on Etsy.

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